Cuckoo waiting for Wong Kwong Yu to return-sweets parade

Cuckoo cuckoo: waiting for Wong Kwong Yu Wong Kwong Yu from the end of 2008 after the investigation was chained and thrown into prison, he founded the United States experienced equity dispute, the stock price plummeted, the family business was suspected…… After the shock, Wong Kwong Yu was released from prison, jioubu words into the United States in the most sensitive nerve, but also directly affects the enterprise. Once the United states. But yesterday, the wife of Wong Kwong Yu azalea, was released in 2010 after the United States took over for the first time, in the face of the media to talk about those things. Of course, she would like to be like the film "happy yellow handkerchief" heroine filled with yellow handkerchief to meet her husband home, looking forward to the early return of Wong Kwong Yu. Sensitive word: Wong Kwong Yu and the United States said although the outside employees will be low-key R. "Du", but "Mrs. Wong Kwong Yu" of the title, so that she could not avoid the spotlight. Yesterday, the cuckoo rarely talked to the media about Wong Kwong Yu. In the commercial arena, Wong Kwong Yu is a legend, with all the words of praise or blame. But cuckoo talked yesterday about Wong Kwong Yu, a hard-working business wizard, a husband, a father. In 2008 Wong Kwong Yu was investigated and imprisoned, Wong Kwong Yu has said nothing about the United States foreign. In particular, the 2010 equity dispute, the founder of Wong Kwong Yu any news will give the United States share price shocks. Mrs. Wong Kwong Yu returned to the United States to the United States after the cuckoo, Wong Kwong Yu was released from prison, commuted and other news, but also unified downplayed, reduce the degree of social concern. But yesterday, the cuckoo generous talk about the outside world, can not help but guess: This is to pave the way for the return of Wong Kwong Yu? Cuckoo admitted that the company encountered major events, will communicate with the prison Wong Kwong Yu. Even more people imagine is that Tencent video host finally gave the blessing of the Cuckoo – like the film "happy yellow handkerchief," as the heroine, filled with yellow handkerchief to meet Wong Kwong Yu home. Wong Kwong Yu was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in 2010, scheduled for November 2024 from prison. But in 2012, after two commutation in 2015, Wong Kwong Yu released from prison time was advanced to the year of February 16, 2021. Who worked in the judicial system to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, said that although the late Wong Kwong Yu may also commuted, but from the official release of four years, that is, 2019. However, at the beginning of this year, the outside world is expected to be on parole Wong Kwong Yu parole. But in the current judicial environment, the possibility of parole is not. Sensitive word: family business in 2010 the United States broke out equity dispute, Gome chairman, then president of the board of directors of the Chen Xiao Bain Capital, Wong Kwong Yu in the United States tried to dilute equity, and to prosecute founder Wong Kwong Yu. Some of those battles with Wong Kwong Yu executives stand to Chen Xiaoyi at the time of the party in power. Prison Wong Kwong Yu to fight, sent a letter request to cancel a number of executives. Finally, Chen Xiao out of the end. Although the Wong Kwong Yu family returned to the United States, but the pros and cons of occupation managers team of family enterprise and set off a debate in business. The Wong Kwong Yu family spokesman took over as the United States, yesterday stressed that in major decisions, to emphasize the interests of shareholders. For the equity war wrong team remain jioubu, Rhododendron is said indifferently, the table相关的主题文章: