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Cross boundary can only 1+1? Look at how fun 100+- information technology Sohu cross has been considered to be the love between two brands, Uber and complex together, roseonly and LinkedIn together…… These seem to be some hidden rules: a cross, no matter how big step, always only A and B two brands; two, A brand and B brand and A brand audience; three can provide channels for B brand value. Many of the successful cases are extremely rare, even considered to be "the one thing no Fu Xiaoshou. Because the two companies in different industries collide with a new spark is not difficult, but if you want to eat a fat man to complete the joint hundreds of brands is not so easy. But everything is not absolute, recently there is a brand to do this to eat crabs and eat the crab pioneer. A contract 100+ brand life scenes full coverage recently, little information advertising in the circle of a strong wind blowing, a 100+ brand cooperation trader continues to heat up, the line will be "forcing OCD" complete transplantation to the line, or even worse. The scope of cooperation include mobile phone, electricity providers, video, Internet, automotive, FMCG industries, Wang Laoji, Durex, Volkswagen, OPPO, Youku, Sogou input method and many other big names have joined, multi linkage constitute the full coverage of the idle away in seeking pleasure. Whether it is the number of cooperative brands, or private custom copywriting deepen cooperation, have successfully broken the rules of the industry. So, behind this action field, a moving multi buddy playing information why cooperation? The author has the following understanding. The massive vertical channels take brand love a little information on what charm and 100 brands combined interaction? The secret lies in the 300w+ interest channel. As everyone knows, the brand marketing needs for its audience precise delivery, in order to achieve efficient conversion, however, 1 little information can meet the needs of different users of the 100 brands, all rely on its unique interest channel 300w+. On the point of information, as long as the user needs, are free to customize their own channels, perfect fit personal needs. Vertical segments on the channel segments, in order to meet the needs of a bit of information users private custom at the same time, but also virtually established a clear brand name of each place. In this case, interactive copywriting brand customization is not difficult for a little information. For example, to participate in the interactive mobile phone brand OPPO and HUAWEI, at a point of information, related news can appear in the independent "OPPO" and "HUAWEI" channel, and can be aggregated into a "mobile phone" channels, to achieve a wider exposure for the attention of mobile phone users and pay attention to the brand by the precise push, so as to achieve the three-dimensional browsing by point and face. This is a bit of information to break the routine, with 1 pairs of the mystery of the 100 dance. Private custom, a win-win 2016 mobile information marketing case has not been broken, with some cross combination.相关的主题文章: