Create Hunan tourism boutique three world heritage to promote-lightscape

To build Hunan tourism products three "World Heritage" will jointly promote the recommended site Maogusi dance Waving Dance, Maogusi dance. On the afternoon of 19, with "three World Heritage · light Jinxiu Xiaoxiang" as the theme of the Hunan world heritage tourism promotion conference held in Yongshun County of Xiangxi prefecture. Hunan Provincial Tourism Bureau inspector Liu Miansong, deputy governor of the state of Xiangxi, Xiangxi, Hong Kong and Macao to Qingping Tourism Foreign Affairs Bureau deputy director Peng Xiujin, Yongshun County Deputy Secretary Zhou Jianwu and other leaders attended the seminar. In July 4, 2015, Yongshun county old city ruins our success as a world cultural heritage, is the Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Lang Mountain, the Third World Heritage in Hunan Province, to celebrate our old city site in Wulingyuan, the first anniversary of the successful inscription, Laosicheng, three Lang Mountain World Heritage jointly promote tourism quality of the world Heritage in Hunan, to create "three the world heritage · splendid Xiaoxiang lit a new bright spot in Hunan tourism, brand new. Promote the meeting, representatives of the old city of Wulingyuan, the Lang Mountain, our three world heritage sites were carried out publicity and promotion, Yongshun, Wulingyuan, three sunning County District People’s government signed the "Wulingyuan City, Lang Mountain, was the three world heritage tourism cooperation agreement". Liu Miansong in promotion conference said, relying on the Wulingyuan, Laosicheng, Lang Mountain three world heritage tourism resources, to specialization, branding, internationalization, cluster, construction characteristics of international tourism destination brand, and strive to Hunan to build a world tourist destination. (Dai Ke)相关的主题文章: