Crazy transfer! 1 billion 400 million Nian 30 million Spanish Premier League has become the starting-solid converter

Crazy transfer! 1 billion 400 million Nian 30 million Spanish Premier League has become the starting price of the summer hit Qian Yingchao 1 billion 400 million La Liga Premier League crown grind crazy investment Tencent September 1st European sports news this summer transfer window closed, major league armament also terminated. Who is the absolute protagonist in the market? What are the major league changes? The Premier League 2015-16 victory over the money transfer window two Premier League teams, who spent 1 billion 240 million euros to buy and sell the 601 million euros transfer net investment of 749 million euros, the three data are among the major European champions league. Especially the transfer of net investment of 749 million euros, compared with La Liga (138 million), Italian (42 million), German (negative 54 million), France (102 million) is much higher, which shows the strong financial Premier league. 2016-17 season, the summer transfer period, the same story again: the Premier League teams total selling cost 1 billion 370 million euros, from sales of 573 million euros, 800 million euros net investment transfer. There is no doubt that the Premier League is among the best in Europe in terms of the cost of buying and the transfer of net investment. Especially the transfer of net investment, 800 million in the Premier League, Serie A (33 million), Germany (78 million), Spain (14 million) 7 times and the three big league! Because Mourinho and Guardiola set off a "military competition, Manchester United Manchester City (data) to buy people spend occupy the top two European powers. It must be pointed out that the premier financial resources not by Manchester United or Manchester City to support, rooted in the huge TV revenue, the Premier League teams are financially strong, evidence is: net investment in the transfer list (club, only the top 20 in Europe), with Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea ((data) West Ham and Tottenham) data, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Waterford, Leicester City, Burnley, Sang Delan, Storck 10 Premier League teams, accounted for half of the country! La Liga decreases the action back to the fourth Real Madrid (data) only morata signing the 2015-16 season in La Liga ball city buy people spend 515 million euros, from sales of 398 million euros, net transfer investment of 138 million euros, which bought the people ranked third in Europe, second of net investment in europe. But the 2016-17 season, the Primera Liga action but smaller. Spend only 462 million people to buy, sell income of 449 million, net investment is only 13 million 540 thousand, which bought the cost and net investment, only ranked fourth in europe. La Liga action decreases, partly because of the large Real Madrid over the summer Real Madrid bought only halt the troops and wait, morata a new aid. So although Barcelona (official data), Ma Jing action is not small, but only two strong open pocketbook Liga harder than last season. The other reason is the team in La Liga downstream of the limited financial resources, Villarreal, Seville land still live within its means, Valencia team is crazy to sell blood (Note: Valencia transfer net profit of more than one hundred million euros, most of Europe), other people spend 500 to buy the team downstream Wandu is big. It can be said that the Spanish pattern is super three burn)相关的主题文章: