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Crazy pig: a Vietnam smuggling illegal immigrants Chinese million head of Sohu news CCTV news client news November 20th, Chinese and Vietnam border known as the "frontier" of the traditional, but imports from Vietnam pig is not allowed, because of foot-and-mouth disease causes, from the beginning of 2003, the Ministry of agriculture has banned imports from Vietnam pig. However, the reporter recently in Ningming County, Guangxi Chongzuo City Zhen love when the survey found that there are a large number of Vietnamese pig through the various "smuggling channels" to enter into the mainland China, some slaughterhouse. Reporters after several months of follow-up investigation, opened the illegal interests of the illegal smuggling of pig chain. A million head of Vietnam smuggled pig love shop crossings is located in Guangxi Ningming County town of love, is a national first class port, on the border with Vietnam border trade is very active in Lang Son province. Daily economic news reporter noted that during the day the streets deserted, one to the evening began to bustle up, large and small trucks coming and going. Reporters saw a parking lot parking records, the day there are 38 large trucks to stay here. Parking lot administrator told reporters that their parking lot car a day when more than seventy or eighty cars in the parking lot of the love like this town there are several. A truck driver told reporters that there is a large iron railings of the truck are pulling pigs. The driver told reporters that the big trucks here are long-distance running, shipped across the country. Car park administrator told reporters that they do not raise pigs locally, all of these pigs from Vietnam illegally. It is understood that the Vietnamese pig price than China pigs per kilogram cheaper 4 yuan, Vietnam pig smuggled into Chinese, generally after the Vietnam China buyers, intermediaries and the mainland China pig dealer a few hands and finally smuggled into the mainland China slaughterhouse. Zheng boss is a local intermediary, every day in the mainland of China pig traffickers to order him, he bought the pig from Vietnam, where the acquisition of pigs, sold to mainland China pig traders, from which to earn the difference. Another intermediary boss Huang told reporters, now love Zhen every day can be more than and 100 car Vietnam pigs, each car is around 150, a day of Vietnam smuggled in 15000 pig above the head, sometimes even more. Pig traffickers yellow boss: now there are generally more than and 100 (car) or some of the other, there is a love shop out of the car out of the night of the more than and 300 vehicles (smuggled pigs) in the first half of the year, there are still some of the people in the town of the first half of the year. Reporters saw these smuggled pig trucks Vietnam are starting from the love town at night, after 50 kilometers of mountain road in Ningming high-speed road into the south high-speed friends. Nanning Wu Wei toll station is the only place of smuggling Vietnamese pig truck, here the toll confirmed to reporters, every night to pass a surprising number of car pull pig. In accordance with China’s "Regulations on the management of pig slaughtering", live pig slaughtering plant (field) slaughtered pigs, shall be subject to quarantine by the animal health supervision institutions, and accompanied by a quarantine certificate. But the intermediary Zheng boss told reporters that all the pigs are smuggled in Vietnam, it can not be quarantined. Since 2003, the Ministry of agriculture has banned the import of pigs from vietnam. In addition to the import ban, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) in 200.相关的主题文章: