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Crazy man: pregnant boy, in addition to the soda you heard it – a few days ago I was still wondering what maternal Sohu when free to put this pregnancy experience to share out, whether it is accurate, can be used for reference does not affect what, but did not write, which day is thought to write the morning, different time have a sister asked me to share experience, well, simply wrote it! In fact, to say that this child, I was not going to, some people speak ye so ugly, female, child, do you want to say, oh, I hope so, as early as 14 years ago with my friends index was born, I don’t want to! Now there is a policy, and why I’m not allowed, one more, of course, still want to bet on a baby born two ha, because some students may not be the son ah ah, shout not to the floor! I think, there is no policy which son, you are lucky, the first one is the quasi well, fuck yo, speak! Five years ago, the children do not have medical abortion [four months], then I say to my husband, we still need to prepare pregnant, and like playing silly made man, for it as a little hope, is actually a beginning March biochemical pregnancy preparation, going to the body good, see the May June formally implemented ah made plans, so just conditioning for a month, at the end of April is expected to engage in a period of ovulation, which is expected with it! The official talk about Kazakhstan: to regulate the body pH, I spent more than 2 thousand and 600 to buy health care products [two months just to eat a month pregnant, now also use, early know buy less, buy a month for a month, one is lycopene [is made. Others say there is a [eat] spirulina algae extract], the two I will eat the couple every day, every meal is like two months [Spirulina could not remember to say on the bottle], then at noon to a lycopene, oh, pasta containing alkaline every morning, I eat before, drank a bowl of soup of course don’t know whether they play a role, I am early enough to prepare! A hope, Man proposes, God disposes! Better than making a fool of people, there is a glimmer of hope. Also let the husband from time to time from the supermarket to buy a box of a box that Wahaha soda drink back [a month or drank several pieces, four pieces of five pieces of you know is water] anyway, thirsty to drink the water, there are occasionally buy some bananas to eat [this] didn’t insist, then is the same room must not frequently [Online girl] said her frequently, menstruation came after ten and a half months to do until the ovulation period, as for how to arrange, in fact I still don’t know, I was like the 426 day of ovulation, ovulation but I arranged four times, so what in the prize I still don’t know, some students said to boy in ovulation before and after, I am No. 423 No. 426 No. 428 No. 430 arrangements, and then again make sure you say [Online orgasm climax easy to secrete a let Y sperm quickly reach the uterus The mucus, when the man SJ, do not delay too long, quickly turn over [I am the latter position of the uterus, but no matter the former post can make the same as before, the front half of the bed,相关的主题文章: