Crazy days exposure Nanchong Trailer female create videotape era (video)

"Crazy days" exposure Nanchong Trailer female initiated videotape era crazy days countdown 2 days: Nanchong Trailer days and 30 Nanchong daily entertainment news by a Tencent drama film produced, the mountain wind gradually, Tencent Video Co produced costume love light fantasy comedy "crazy days" exposed the four handsome posters and Nanchong Trailer today, everyone looks forward to the men for the fragment final presentation, meet the requirements of female fans. One minute trailers, with a blue aura of beauty hand Jue (played by Li Jiawen), and frank male bestie (Chen Peng played Lord Zhao million), possessive boy subtly malicious forest owners (played by Yang Xin et al) with charm, let the audience indulge in videotape for boys, for the plot speculation more warmly. The drama directed by Wu Qiong, Li Jiawen, Chen Peng, Huang Shiqi Wan Li, Yang Xin, Zhou Yitong, Li Xinbo, Hua Wen, et al. Co starring cast, Yan value online, also provides a great impetus to chase drama. The directed and served as executive producer of PANTENE, but also caused widespread concern in the drama and meters. It is reported that PANTENE is a famous Chinese poet, Shanghai famous writer, film producer, screenwriter. Study in Japan in 2001, after living in South Korea, South Korea has taught at seimin University, and published a Book of poetry "bottle". Returned to China in 2012, into the Chinese film and television industry, the successful investment in the production of the film "nine layers of demon tower", the TV series, "women spend like a dream", the network drama "crazy days" and other film and television works. "The unique feminist setting crazy days", before broadcasting it attracted sustained attention of fans, the drama about modern women fall after the exchange with the Tianhe Dong Yi woman king of soul, wake up in a time of mystery, not only women’s respect, even after Thirty male pet, handsome husband, in the face of all kinds the realization of intrigue, love the cause of double harvest story. Tencent video exclusive broadcast on September 19th.相关的主题文章: