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Cow spots, artificial limbs, Down’s patients, they still roll seats fashion circle! Sohu has just passed the New York fashion week, not scattered, I do not know you see enough? Lord of the rings by today’s fashion week in the East, to give you the love of fashion to introduce modern customer and New York fashion week with several closely related special "model. After reading, perhaps you will have a new understanding of fashion and life. Circle is not the main exaggeration, but had been black tragic fashion circle turned out to be a vitiligo model. Vitiligo is a skin because the melanocyte function disappear caused by skin disease can lead to acquired localized or generalized skin depigmentation disease. That is easy to understand the skin obviously than normal skin white a lot of color, King Michael · Jackson (Michael Jackson) is a vitiligo, begins to introduce the model of Winnie is Harlow. As of this year, the number of fans on the Instagram has exceeded 1 million Winnie Harlow is the spokesman for the Spanish fashion brand Desigual. The body is like a cow around the symmetry of the white spot is her symbol, but also let her become a popular face Fashion sector. Laughing so confident of Winnie’s childhood is very inferiority and unsocial. Winnie Harlow from the age of 4 suffering from vitiligo, so she is often ridiculed and bullied by the students, and even dropped out of school. A chance, so that the United States super model contest host Tyra Banks saw Winnie Po in social media photos and invited her to participate, since then, the unique beauty of the debut. She is not a stream, but not the debris flow, she is a strong wind, blowing to thin, has been advocating the morbid diet, white, most women have a lifetime of up to the perfect figure and criticized the fashion circle. She is not the only "wind", the young model Lauren Wasser after losing one of his legs had thought her career ended, and even thought that his life is over. Many people may have heard of her, the young girl from the use of health swab TSS infection (an acute poisoning caused by shock symptoms and death) and rub shoulders, was sent to the hospital when remain unconscious, the medical team cannot act until an infectious disease expert found her due to a bacterial infection caused by toxic shock syndrome. 80 pounds of liquid is lost into the body, then black toxins are excreted when her mother has been preparing for her funeral, her friends came to the hospital to see her one last time. However, the fate of the poor girl, she survived, but had to amputate a leg, since she bid farewell to the "normal" life. She sued the company, but nothing can compensate for the pain and suffering in the best of times. Fortunately, Lauren was not defeated by despair, after three years of experience, she overcame the psychological barrier and returned to the lens相关的主题文章: