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UnCategorized There are many negative side effects associated with smoking a tobacco product. Tobacco in its purest form probably would not be so bad because the only "bad" thing it would contain is nicotine, a naturally occurring substance found in the tobacco plant. The fact, however, that plenty of additives are included in the dried tobacco mixture makes the cigarette so deadly. Plus, there are ingredients found in the paper and in the filter that turn the already-dangerous product even more dangerous, if that’s even possible. The negative effect cigarettes have on the health are, by far, the most important reason why all smokers should quit their smoking habit now. Unfortunately, the addiction to the cigarette can be extremely difficult to over.e. There is the psychological and physical addiction to the nicotine, and then there is the emotional addiction to the actual act of smoking. Sometimes, a cigarette is smoked purely for stress relief or grieving purposes. Smokers are fully aware of the consequences in engaging in their habit, which explains why millions across the world attempt to quit on a daily basis. Unfortunately, very few people actually quit or a great percentage of those who do manage to quit end up smoking again somewhere down the line. There are numerous cessation products and quit-smoking aids on the market and each has its benefits. The success of each item varies among individuals, and .mon nicotine delivery systems, such as the patch, inhaler, and gum, show some promising results. For those who have tried a cessation product before but did not achieve their goal, they have one more option that they can try. This option is not a cessation device, nor is it a quit-smoking aid. At this time, because of the fact that it has yet to be regulated by the FDA, the electronic cigarette is merely a smoking alternative that has shown tremendous promise as a tool to quit smoking. Again, while not a cessation device, its huge success lies primarily in the fact that it targets all aspects associated with the addiction to cigarettes. For one, the liquid stored inside the refill cartridge that makes the smoke-like vapor can contain various strengths of nicotine. Most retailers, distributors, and suppliers carry high, medium, and low strengths, which are 16 mg, 10 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine, respectively, and they also have no nicotine strengths. The addiction to nicotine is taken care of. Then, there is the addiction to the actual act of smoking. Depending on the smoker, this can be the hardest habit to break, especially when that smoker has been doing this for so long. After many years of having a daily routine that involves smoking, it almost second nature. Could the e cigarette help you quit smoking? Perhaps. After all, it looks, acts, and feels like a traditional cigarette but does not have the negative side effects of smoking a tobacco product. Perhaps this is the item that many smokers and many of the general public have been waiting for a very long time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: