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Cotton rally will still be constrained! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, the domestic cotton prices fell to -6 in April the platform support area 13300 area rebound yesterday, early breakthrough neckline suppression, short-term bullish atmosphere thick, but in the new cotton harvest season listed rises not excessive high rebound, see the 15300 target, the follow-up is still in demand solid down Gong, the adjustment is not effective end, specific the analysis is as follows: the current market bullish theme are: domestic film reserves price rise, to the market driven; the new cotton market enjoys a price higher expected; foreign cotton exports strong, and the market potential negative factors are: the State Reserve to sell near the end, facing seasonal pressure the new cotton market; continuous cotton demand is expected and insufficient. After the cotton technology put down by throwing storage volume price rise in May, Cotton City Lean period, the main supply source is in storage, during the state reserve auction is a major influence in the market, cotton throw reserve round out the initial stage for public resources Pianman, put less, resulting in high turnover, maintain a level in 100%, prices are also rising, once reached 16392 yuan per ton, bring the positive feedback on the market, and after entering the mid July, with the launch of throwing storage increased to 30 thousand tons a day lead level, turnover rate and transaction price were to fall, the turnover rate was down to 50-60% level, the price dropped to 14000 per ton, on the market also constitute a drag response. In September, cotton prices listed and enjoys a slow, prompting the cotton spinning enterprises will lock eyes to again in the Mid Autumn Festival, and throwing storage quantity again decreased to 25 thousand tons day level, further raising fears, pushing volume price again rebounded, has recently rebounded to nearly 100%, the price also rose to 14650 yuan tons area, to the market driven, affected by this, Zheng cotton exceeded 14300 upward pressure, is still bullish in Xinmian listed on the front, but with the new cotton market pressure on the market, may appear gradually, not excessive high rise space. The domestic price 6-7 yuan is expected to scale new flowers in the greenish kg period, in addition to throwing storage Chen cotton, the market gradually began to pay attention to the present situation enjoys a new cotton, cotton market volume is limited, and the seed cotton ginning factory enjoys less water, the market has not yet formed effective price, trade enterprises generally expected to begin business the price is in 6-6.5 yuan kg, while the farmers expected sales price in 6.5-7 yuan kilograms, according to 6-7 yuan range, Seedcotton kg cottonseed according to 2.7 yuan kilogram estimate, the cotton cost between 12000-14500 yuan per ton. In late September, hand picked cotton cotton prices before the centralized acquisition still enjoys a more cautious, the market did not dare too restless, the price is expected to significantly from the region running. United States cotton export braking sustainability is still less than the early U.S. cotton exports relatively strong market theory相关的主题文章: