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[corrected] Microsoft artificial intelligence chief scientist Deng Li: ten years of history and future prospect of deep learning artificial intelligence (33PDF download) – 1 new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan original speech: Deng Li, chief scientist at Microsoft artificial intelligence arrangement: Wen Fei [description] this article originally issued corrections when the content is missing, after Dr. Deng Li again after approval a. The main contents include: the change mentioned in this paper to replace the "wealth" of a text hyperlink; a supplementary text released showing depth missing learning only pictures (see the notes?); at the mention of deep learning from Canada and the United States entered Chinese, added the Baidu progress in the replacement of the speech; the new ideas and work, finally a display picture of Deng Li. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Hereby declare. (2016.10.26) [introduction] new Zhi Yuan chief scientist Deng Li Microsoft artificial intelligence 18 in automation and new Zhi Yuan jointly organized the first World Conference on artificial intelligence AI WORLD 2016 keynote speech "ten years of history and future prospect of deep learning artificial intelligence". Dr. Deng Li reviewed his influence in cooperation with Hinton and its industry, how to focus on speech recognition with deep learning development entered the commercial stage, Microsoft also introduced the progress of artificial intelligence in the past two years, and discussed the prospect of deep learning technology, application and industry. The end of the speech, Deng Li shared his new ideas and work — the symbolic logic inference and numerical tensor neural network together, is expected to solve the problem of deep learning and enrich the knowledge embedded in the black box, the problem, the problem of automatically learning and inference rules. In this paper, a new interview with Dr. Deng Li in September. Reply [1024] download the full text of the PPT (PDF format); click to read the original text to watch video review] AI WORLD World Conference on artificial intelligence () opening video (full version) Deng Li: Thank you! Distinguished guests, good friends. I want to first thank the Organizing Committee for giving me this opportunity to introduce the research today, some of Microsoft’s deep learning and artificial intelligence to you here, I also thank the Organizing Committee for this topic, call me ten years deep learning history. As you’ve just heard from Professor Yoshua Bengio, Microsoft has invested heavily in the beginning of deep learning. Today, I would like to introduce you to a lot of progress, and finally to share the future. Deep learning ten years history: a deep belief network (DBN) to open DL times the organizing committee told me that today’s audience is quite a bit from the industry to investment professionals and technical personnel. So I would like to recommend to you two weeks ago, "fortune" magazine, an article about the depth of learning part of the history. Take this opportunity to introduce to you the depth of learning in this magazine article. From a technical point of view, but also from a scientific point of view, I would like to add some materials, so that we have a deeper understanding of the depth of learning and artificial intelligence. These are ".相关的主题文章: