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Correct the child holding posture, parents can try. Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual contact with a lot of the first grade and the second grade children, they found that holding time very difficult, parents see below this method is not very effective, can give the child to try. The formation of the child wrong pen holding posture for a variety of reasons. Some congenital development is not good, as the dynamic coordination is poor; there are some early Wobi; and teachers and parents about teaching. When the children hand muscle development is not perfect when the pen to write, if parents and teachers do not pay attention to cultivate the correct posture, plus utilitarian psychological needs, forcing children long time writing homework, very easy to form the wrong posture. Writing skills, is a kind of automatic operation mode, most children will naturally correct holding; and some children holding posture is not correct, with the increase of age, the hand muscles gradually developed, it will naturally correct posture. But regardless of the causes of incorrect pen holding posture, are due to start holding adults did not give correct guidance, and other bad habits are established, after correcting them is quite difficult. To this end, I consulted the first grade is to teach children the correct pen holding pose teachers, they should use a small rubber ring, for many years to solve the difficult problems, summed up several methods for correcting pen holding posture, for your reference. Materials: a rubber ring: Figure 1: the first step: a rubber ring second step: in a small circle in the rubber band on the third step: set into the pen, straining and fixing the fourth step: the four fingers except the thumb along the direction of the big fifth step into the tip: hold hands, make the right pen shaped graph two: the first step: the rubber ring into second steps: 8 words 8 words will be stacked into two ring third step: put the rubber band into fourth steps: the pen trap pinch a circle strained outwards fifth step: the thumb and four finger tip into the circle of the palm to the direction along the sixth step: hold hands to do figure three shape correct holding: the first step: the palm to the inside, the rubber band is sheathed in the right hand four fingers (except the thumb) second step: a pen In the third step from the top: the palm winding rubber band two ring fourth step by the pen top: hold hands like a pen in Figure four: the first step: put the rubber band into the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. The second step: the top end of the pen holder is inserted into the upper part of the rubber band extending from the jaws of death, after just hold down the third step: the root rubber NIB the downward pressure of 180 degrees, the top of the upper pen just stir up root fourth step: elastic pen into the correct posture of above methods is the use of the rubber ring to a fixed barrel, it can not only help children solve the problem of unable to hold the pen, but also helps children to quickly master the correct pen holding posture, please friends give it a try. Pay attention to writing time not too long, painting相关的主题文章: