Conti refused to sell him. He was a member of

Conti refused to sell small law: he is a member of Chelsea will be together with the team in the small Standford bridge career transition? Sina sports news now, in this Chelsea team is now in position and situation before and there is a big difference between, probably non small law course. The original absolute midfielder, now in the Italy coach Jose Conti, unexpectedly like chicken ribs. From before the British media sources, Chelsea even lose money, but also in the small loan in winter, but from Serie A AC Milan intends to free way, the loan to the team. Now, in Chelsea and Everton, Conti asked Fabregas when, unexpectedly also told reporters and played the "Tai chi". "Now, we are about to start the November schedule and campaign, and now we are the most important thing is to establish a mature system, play a stable record, this is the best guardian of the future." "Fabregas, I’ve said it before, he is still a member of Chelsea, I am very happy to have a place in the team. Now the most important thing is that he has recovered very well, also found a state, and will be with us, with the team to stay together." (Alduin)相关的主题文章: