Constellation true words stupid Aries is green tea bottles used (Figure) t420s

The truth: silly constellation Aries Green Tea bottle use (Figure) bottle feel Aries love, but just dumb pretend you don’t know, only in a quarrel with lovers after looking for Aries to chat to heal, even though it is still in Aries when Aquarius is the goddess…… Netizen Lolo. The Sina constellation love said to the Sina constellation Aries is the Green Tea silly bottle bottle at the first sight of Aries, Aries is working, deliberately a careless and casual look, feel bottle intuition, he’s trying to attract their attention. The second time to see the white goat, he told his story, at the beginning of the tense, and later in the bottle under the guidance of good, slowly relaxed, and even talked about their privacy. In fact, you are careless, but the strange thing is, a lot of Ayutthaya deep man, met the bottle, will not consciously put yourself to. For this, calling for a unique affinity bottle. Third, go home to Aquarius Aries, Aquarius gap in a conversation with a friend, accidentally caught your gaze, sparks of fire Liaoyuanzhishi, some startling bottle secretly, but also not too concerned about. After all, you have always been a believer in "flowers, leaves a little stick". Tell yourself not afraid. When you leave, you want to leave the bottles and bottles of friends for dinner, Aquarius refuses, because there is no need to feel the bottle by chance. Later, because of the reasons for the water bottle will also have some telephone contact with the Aries, plus the festive greetings. This is the habit of water bottles, but every time you will get a warm response to the Aries, did not think about anything, just feel that the Aries is not bad, is a warm person. I mentioned it to eat together, can be said that the bottle, or didn’t think, always thought is politeness and didn’t take it seriously. While one night more than ten points, unexpectedly received Aries SMS, Aquarius said too late, can I, Aries messages have little innocent, said he will soon be out of town. You are not accustomed to refusing, as promised, and then the bottle to Aries go by like the wind, with a water bottle to town to eat. The Aries asked many bottles, water bottles frankly tell Aries their emotional gap, you will have to talk about their experiences, all clear, just know the bottle or Aries for their own good, because he told her all the time, have this feeling. After that night, Aries left for a period of time, water has gradually faded away because of the memory of Aries, Aquarius is never confused, uncertain yourself are helpless. But one day the bottle and his lover quarrel, very sad, flay, came out to find a person to accompany their. The water bottle sent a text message to the Aries, perhaps subconsciously, that the water bottle selfishly uses the aries. Aries came rushing to one’s tired face, still bloodshot eyes, because he had just finished the night rest and a dinner party. No Aries jizhewen Aquarius what happened, he accompanied her to dinner, on some topic she’s careful answer. And the bottle knows that he is not because of these things, she said, because.相关的主题文章: