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UnCategorized If you have a business, you should be online. More businesses are being set up online everyday. E-.merce is the fastest growing sector of business. A website tells the world who you are and what you do, what goods and services you offer and how to contact you. What is the best way to develop a website? It can seem overwhelming to handle the process of setting up a website. Once you have your content online, how do you change and manage it? Is it going to hard to develop the professional look you want to portray to the world? Is it going to be easy to correct any problems that might happen or it going to take a long time to identify and solve them? One of the easiest to use programs designed for setting up and handling websites is called Joomla!. Joomla! was designed as an open source software program to handle content management. A content management system allows you to track your content much like your local library tracks and monitors the books it stores. Joomla! can help you have a professional site, even if you lack much experience with designing and managing a website. There are several .ponents for pre-designed sites that are easy to personalize for your business and your content. New applications are being developed constantly for Joomla! because of the ease of understand and using this software. If you have a more .plex business and need additional .ponents, it is easy to find and apply them to streamline your business website. For instance, JEEMA Image Scroller is designed to select images from a selected folder and display as a module. JEEMA can scroll images in any direction, up down, left, right; it integrates JCE popup, a light box effect; it supports .gif, .jpg, and .png files; it can select random images or it can limit the images that are displayed. Ninjaboard is a native forum .ponent for Joomla! and allows you the benefits of a non-bridged .ponent while delivering advanced forum qualities. Joomla! .ponents are designed to be ready to use. There is a wide selection online to choose from. Finding the one you feel fits the representation of your site best. Fill out the information you want personalized and upload it to your hosting site. Templates make setting up your website cheap and easy and Joomla! .ponents give you the freedom to customize your site to reflect your needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: