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Full understanding of P2P management measures: maximum loan limit destruction – Sohu securities reporter Li Yumin reported in Beijing from 2015 at the end of eight months of public comment, the industry is looking forward to and worrying P2P net loan management approach "boots finally landed. August 24, 2016, the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly with the Ministry of industry, Ministry of public security, the net letter office and other four ministries issued the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities. According to the CBRC Inclusive Finance Department Director Li Junfeng introduction, the highly anticipated net loan management approach, in the month of the consultation process, were received from the net loan institutions, government, research institutions, experts and scholars opinions of more than 300. After the draft was revised, and directed to seek the views of 31 provinces and municipalities government financial regulatory authorities, the relevant ministries and the State Council and the three party assessment. Therefore, the "measures" retained the draft of the implementation of negative list management, but prior to the 12 forbids supervision of the "red line" were part of the adjustment, increase the "not to carry out asset securitization in the form of transfer of creditor’s rights", changed to 13 prohibition of regulatory "red". Orient Asset’s Internet banking platform Oriental President Hu Yujun said: "the industry after a period of barbaric growth, the number of home to thousands of dragons and fishes jumbled together, the platform, the" measures "will be introduced on the impact of the vast majority of the platform, in accordance with the new standards, most of the platform company is difficult to meet regulatory requirements, industry labor can hardly be avoided, the industry reshuffle the tide comes, most of the grassroots platform or in the shuffle die industry pattern of remodeling imminent." Regulatory data show, according to incomplete statistics, as of the end of June 2016, net loan institutions nationwide operating a total of 2349, loan balance of 621 billion 261 million yuan, two data than the end of 2014, an increase of 49.1%, 499.7%. At the same time, part of the agency’s business innovation deviate from the track, the alienation of credit intermediaries, the existence of self financing, illegal lending, the establishment of funds pool, the term split, a large number of offline marketing behavior. In this process, the problem of net loan industry in institutions continue to accumulate, at the end of June 2016 a total of 1778 platforms, accounting for about 43.1% of the total number of institutions. The total balance of loans does not exceed 5 million officially issued the approach, the industry is most concerned about the increase in the specific provisions of the loan limit. The same natural person on the same platform loan balance limit of not more than 200 thousand yuan, the total loan balance in different platforms is not more than 1 million yuan; the same legal persons or other organizations in the same platform loan balance does not exceed the ceiling of 1 million yuan, total loans in different platform balance is not more than 5 million yuan." Compared with the draft, the official release of the provisions of this provision is the amount of net lending should be small and other issues were refined. In the draft, the requirements of the P2P platform itself according to the risk management capabilities of the agency, to control the same borrower in the body of a single borrowing limit and the upper limit of the loan balance, but not clear specific amount. Yin Zhenmin, deputy director of the CASS Institute of Finance and Finance相关的主题文章: