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Communication: Hainan independent bookstores become gradually popular city cultural living room – Beijing, China News Agency, Haikou 13 November Xinhua: Hainan independent bookstores become gradually popular city cultural living room China News Agency reporter Zhang Qianyi this weekend, is located in Haikou moon square and line Bureau flagship store opened, it attracted many young people arrival. In the area of 1500 square meters of Haikou’s largest independent bookstore, soft lighting, coffee fragrance, accompanied by light music, or sitting in a quiet table they read, or select books in the bookcase, there are friends and by twos and threes sitting together, while drinking coffee, while talking in a low voice, let popular bookstore. With the rapid development of the electricity supplier and the impact of digital reading, in recent years, a number of physical bookstores suffered a series of closed door tide". But in Haikou, many of the traditional bookstore curtain call at the same time, a collection of independent bookstores became popular, the city has become a "cultural living room". One of the cultural service bookstore as Haikou first opened, and script has become an independent bookstore local bureau of Cenozoic samples. Simple decoration style, corridor design allows more open reading space. At present, the store introduced literature, economics and finance, children, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, humanities and Social Sciences, parenting and mind, modern Chinese writing, travel and life, art and other types of books, can accommodate nearly one hundred thousand books. In the art fan children full bookstore, in addition to books, also set up a stationery hall, museum, children’s toys, boutique bags area, activity area and cafe area, people can not only read books, buy books, but also enjoy the other traditional bookstores can not provide service. In addition, the writers and scholars at the bookstore lectures, reading salon, to create the most beautiful cultural space to attract readers to return. Physical bookstores and online bookstores compared to a more diversified and experience." Company general manager Kuang Yuxin told reporters that the book for reading, movies and music with independent culture leisure space. Less than three years, the company has opened 6 stores in Haikou, membership reached 30 thousand people, carried out nearly 80 cultural events. In the future, will also be involved in the development of creative tourism products, cultural tourism and other fields. In recent years, the development of physical bookstores in Hainan showed a warming trend. Hainan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and the provincial sports hall and other departments have issued policies to actively provide financial and policy support for the entity bookstore. 2015, Hainan Province in the development of special funds for the development of cultural industry plan to allocate 5 million 700 thousand yuan to support the physical bookstore of the 26, most of which are private entities bookstore. Independent bookstore adds the value of urban culture". From Haikou a number of independent bookstores, almost every bookstore introduced the most popular business model, the "right" in the form of a bookstore, not only books, and drinks, music, cultural and creative products, cultural activities and other kinds of "mix selling point", in order to achieve profitability. The main communication reading love bookstore is located at a bakery shop, is a shared reading salon as the theme of the city space for reading. Although the area is not large, but most of the bookstore books for Social Sciences, humanities and fine works. Owner of the shop owner相关的主题文章: