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[COMEX] gold futures closed U.S. retail data gold Friday fell FX168 hearing because of U.S. retail data to boost the dollar, and European stock markets rebounded in days, risk aversion is weakened to a certain extent, COMEX gold overnight Friday in more than 5% hurricane hit a year high and after a slight retracement, but still. The best rise over the past 4 years, due to the influx of investors hedge assets. Comex (February 12th) on Friday, April gold futures fell $8.40, or 0.7%, to close at $1239.40 an ounce according to the commerce department data released Friday showed that U.S. retail sales rose in January for the third consecutive month, for the new year Americans wantonly buy cars, clothing and goods in line. Retail sales rose by 0.2% in January, an increase of December, with an expected rise of 0.1%. At the same time, excluding gasoline, retail sales increased by 0.4%. Lower gasoline prices reduced retail sales at gas stations. U.S. Labor Department Friday (February 12th) released data show that in January the import price month rate fell by 1.1%, compared with the foreign media survey generally expected to decline by 1.4%, not far from, and with December decline flat. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen (Jannet Yellen) on Thursday (February 11th) testified in Congress, said that the future of the U.S. economy may be recession, and do not exclude the possibility of the implementation of negative interest rates. The weekly report released by the CFTC on Friday (February 12th) shows that as of February 9th, COMEX gold speculation increased by 37291 to 72912 hands, the highest level in more than three months. Gold holdings of SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s largest gold ETF, rose by 2% on Thursday, the largest one-day increase since December 18, 2015. German commercial bank analyst Carsten Fritsch said, "the next few weeks the price of gold may be explored 1260 dollars or even 1300 dollars, but if there are some profits, I will not be surprised."." Boele Amro, strategist at ABN Georgette, said on Thursday, "although I’m a big bear, the price trend of Holland has changed and it needs to be reviewed."." The Bank of Holland just predicted that the price of gold would drop back to $1130 in February on Monday. Noah Capital Markets analyst Rene Hochreiter said, "the uncertainty of global level rises suddenly, it makes a lot of people be caught off guard. At present, the price of gold has broken through the downward trend line, which means that the situation has reversed." Hochreiter was one of the most accurate gold price forecasters in 2015, and he expected the gold price to peak at $1150 this year. Yuichi Ikemizu, an analyst at Standard Bank, said, "if the stock market goes down, the price of gold is very critical."

【COMEX期金收盘】美国零售数据向好 期金周五小跌   FX168讯 因美国零售数据向好提振美元,且欧美股市日内双双反弹,避险情绪在一定程度上被削弱,COMEX期金周五在隔夜狂飙逾5%并触及一年高位后小幅回撤,但仍录得过去4年来的最佳涨幅表现,因投资者涌入避险资产。   Comex 4月期金周五(2月12日)下跌8.40美元,跌幅0.7%,收报1239.40美元 盎司   据美国商务部周五公布的数据显示,美国零售销售1月连续第三个月上升,因新的一年美国民众大肆购买汽车、服装和在线商品。1月份零售销售上升0.2%,升幅与12月一致,预估为上升0.1%。同时,不包括汽油,零售销售上升0.4%。汽油价格下跌令加油站零售额降低。   美国劳工部周五(2月12日)公布的数据显示,1月份进口物价月率下降1.1%,与外媒调查得出的普遍预期下降1.4%相差不远,并且与12月降幅持平。   美联储主席耶伦(Jannet Yellen)周四(2月11日)在国会作证时表示,未来美国经济有可能会出现衰退,且不排除实施负利率的可能性。   美国商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)周五(2月12日)公布的周度报告显示,截至2月9日当周,COMEX黄金投机净多头头寸增加37291手,至72912手,为三个多月来的最高水平。   全球最大的黄金上市交易基金SPDR Gold Trust的黄金持仓量周四增2%,为2015年12月18日以来最大单日增幅。   德国商业银行分析师Carsten Fritsch称,“未来几周金价可能上探1,260美元甚至1,300美元,但如果出现一些获利了结,我也不会感到意外。”   荷兰银行(ABN Amro)策略师Georgette Boele周四称,“尽管我是个大空头,但金价趋势已经发生转变,需要重新审查预估。”荷兰银行本周一刚刚预计2月金价会重新跌至1130美元 盎司。   Noah Capital Markets分析师Rene Hochreiter称,“全球不确定水平骤然上升,这令很多人猝不及防。目前金价已经突破了下行趋势线,这意味着局势已经出现逆转。”Hochreiter曾是2015年最准的金价预测者之一,他之前预计今年金价的峰值在1150美元 盎司。   标准银行(Standard Bank)的分析师Yuichi Ikemizu表示,“如果股市不止跌, 金价很容易就会上到1300美元 盎司。”   “新债王”、DoubleLine Capital联合创世人兼CEO Jeffrey Gundlach周四指出,金价或将涨至1400美元 盎司,因投资者对各央行丧失信心。“负利率对市场有害无益这一证据不断堆积,以致于“我们相信央行”这一咒语终于被揭露为一场骗局。”   校对:Tier 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: