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Close to the fire on the mountain, Wuling autumn crazy – Sohu tourism today is October 9th, the lunar 99 Festival, Wuling Mountain has been in late autumn, autumn Yan, although the lotus pond near the golden Larch needles, although Wuling Mountain lotus pond under deep autumn, but after all, has been close to October 16th, after all, Wuling Mountain dense forest can not afford not people cigarette butts and matches the fire test, the Wuling Mountain officially closed fire from October 17th. Want to see the beauty of Wuling Mountain in autumn, they pay close attention to come, miss in October of this year before the 16 into the mountains, we will have to wait a year! Larch photography Zhang Xijun autumn lotus pool 1800 meters above sea level near the Wuling Mountain, autumn is still beautiful in blue sky background. The autumn wind blowing, leaves swirling, pieces of red fall, show the beauty of autumn. Mountain streams, gurgling water, with a few leaves slowly shed, sprinkled with a pen ink, obsession, make the text in the plain, bloom blossoming, warm heart. Autumn, affectionate and sentimental, is a bleak color, but also colorful season. Two maple leaf, a heart, love is everything possible. No matter where you fall, the attention will be there. Just wait for the maple that belongs to oneself, along with that maple and you dance to the end of the day! The hearts of the collection of hot red and warm yellow, the pursuit of love is not sad for the season, so that the autumn is no longer a cold tone. At an altitude of 1400 meters on Xianrenta near autumn leaves photography Zhang Xijun is walking on the path, see clear autumn, yellow leaves, red leaves, romantic, cool dancing, watching the leaves blowing in the wind, my heart is raised by the slightest, desolate, bent down to pick up a leaf and gently holding in the palm, a kind of love, inadvertently, in the season of wind branch, a sigh, through the seasons fence, shallow low call call, a worry, because this autumn, a little more melancholy. Hand gently touch, the touch of autumn. A wisp of autumn sun, walking in the leaves in. The taste of autumn, not only in the lips, more in the heart between…… About 1400 meters above sea level Wulingbitong day peak parking lot at Jinshan autumn photography Zhang Xijun Wuling Mountain are relatively early and fall, a green mountain, the mountain birch, larch has become golden, hillside Aspen, five maple, oak tree, a layer to turn yellow, red and purple. Fangyanwangqu, Hongye, strings of fruit, little clusters embedded in the hills stacked. Come to this tour, not only can see cenglinjinran colorful autumn, but also picking wild delicacies. In this colorful autumn, we hand in Wuling Mountain, boundless joy, just feel lonely at leisure, the branches, hear our laughter. Wuling Mountain is about 1000 meters above sea level (South) outside the Wuling Mountain Braised Frog-Shaped Abalone autumn autumn autumn tour continues, people are still in a continuous line. But the Wuling Mountain closed fire was approaching, although I want to avoid the bustling, walk in the path paved with gold, their romance into the golden larch, weave a golden dream…… But, I had to rush into the fog potential in October 16th相关的主题文章: