Clone car red card check traffic police car to escape violence arrests –

Clone car red card check traffic police car to escape violence arrests – the new network for the police from the clone car found in a knife and a bar. Liuzhou traffic police photo Beijing, Liuzhou, November 15, (Wei Xiaobing) 15, Guangxi Liuzhou City, a small video over police smashed cars to WeChat crazy circle of friends. By the traffic police department informed, is a clone car violent red card to avoid detection, danger. The police had to use the car helmet, a hammer and other tools, to control the suspect. According to local police, the day around 10:30, police received the monitoring command center, a suspected vehicle decks appear in the city area of the city. The police immediately urgent action in the liberation of north of the license plate number for Guangxi B8W55x black TOYOTA Camry intercept vehicles. But the clone car was intercepted after the driver refused to get off with the check, and regardless of the vehicle safety around, take the way to reverse driving to escape, scraping and beside the few cars in the process exists not only impede law enforcement behavior, but also caused great security risks. In order to prevent the driver’s dangerous behavior, to prevent greater security incidents, the police determined to take the scene to take the measures to break the window, forcing the driver to get off. The police use of helmets, hammer tools such as smashed the windscreen of the vehicle and the cab window, successfully control the driver. Subsequently, the police also seized from the clone car in a knife and a bar. After investigation, the driver Wu, the actual number for Guangxi B2F299, vehicle state "overdue inspection and to be scrapped". In November 10th, the vehicle deck in the search control system of early warning, and entered the Liuzhou city search control list. November 14th, Liuzhou traffic police through intelligent transportation system to find the trajectory of the car, and notify the police to intercept the road. In November 15th, Wu said that after the police control, driving clone car is illegal, has recognized the seriousness of their actions, subject to the relevant departments of the punishment. At present, the traffic police department will have clone car drag, Wu further investigation.相关的主题文章: