CITIC Wenzhou branch held staff sports meeting

CITIC Wenzhou branch staff Games held in November 12th, Wenzhou branch held sixth workers fun games, the subordinate agencies and the Department of 14 teams a total of more than 300 employees at the time workers fun games. The Games were "Zhongxingpengyue" and "shootout" and 6 fun events. The game, athletes sweat, hard work, employees are composed by spectators cheering for the athletes. In the game, cheering and applause, laughter climax as one falls, another rises. After the intense and fun competition, finally decided the first group to three. The sports meeting is held for the staff sports for sixth consecutive years, the games, to create a "healthy life, happy work joyful atmosphere, efforts to improve employee well-being and cohesion, by the majority of the staff welcome. In recent years, the bank attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture, and actively organize various forms, content rich sports activities, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees. The sports meeting held successfully, not only demonstrating the positive employee, good spirit of hard struggle, but also further enhance the workers’ sbrave, the courage to climb, never give up "will character, for CITIC Bank to accelerate the transformation of development full of positive energy savings!