CITIC Pacific after upgrading the positioning of female retail will be accounted for 65%-hyuna

CITIC Pacific after upgrading the positioning of female retail will be accounted for more than 65% recently, Shanghai Nanjing West Road CITIC Square became the focus of concern. Many people found that the mall four floor shops have been closed. Reporter yesterday visited learned that CITIC Pacific is currently in the normal format adjustment, four floor shops have vacated normal commercial reserves. Informed sources told reporters exclusively revealed, as Shanghai established small shopping center, CITIC Square, the average rent close to 30 yuan per square meter, a level higher than many peers. Mini volume niche positioning decision "business management is dynamic, regardless of Shanghai or other city department stores, shopping centers, small annual adjustment, 35 year adjustment is" routine "." CITIC Square official yesterday responded denied the "closed shop" rumors: "the adjustment is in order to upgrade the whole mall, 4 floor, about 60% shops will show a new brand." The reporter learned from the industry, the old district of Nanjing West Road Shanghai Mei Hengtai first opened, foreign customers accounted for more than 30%, and the customer base has changed. CITIC Pacific, the official said, the future will fully tap the surrounding white-collar office customers, positioning more younger, with young women service users. The reporter learned that, at the same time as Shanghai’s first commercial positioning body art, CITIC Square fashion salon has launched a multimedia drama and other art activities. In the future, in addition to brand changes, customers can find their favorite art projects in the mall. A person close to the mall insider told reporters, CITIC Pacific is the average rent close to 30 yuan per square meter, the high level of a lot of industry. "Some of the new shopping mall shops look full rent, also have a certain flow, but behind may sacrifice is" real money "– shop rent; of course some shopping malls" raised "after a period of time will be adjusted, such as the original popular format adjustment for the retail rent higher." In fact, the number of people in the industry view, to maintain a considerable level of rent, but also settled in the brand has insisted that this is not a simple business issues. After the adjustment of the retail industry accounted for 65% of the insider introduction, some of the new shopping malls in Shanghai accounted for nearly 30% of retail, catering accounted for 40%, the rest of the supporting entertainment, etc.. "In Nanjing West Road, retail industry generally reached 65%-75%, CITIC Pacific, the highest even reached more than 80%, from the commercial development perspective is benign." CITIC Pacific also admitted that with the changes in consumption habits, the mall will "go", after the adjustment, the proportion of retail formats will be around 65%. From the volume point of view, CITIC Pacific leasing area of only 19000 square meters, belonging to the "mini shopping center, the proportion of industry cannot refer to a large shopping center, even some department stores." Informed sources told reporters that since the brand positioning of CITIC Pacific’s focus on the international first-line second-line fashion, personalized to minority groups, the introduction of international brand in Shanghai has also opened three or four stores, while CITIC Pacific shops are.相关的主题文章: