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Chinese more than 7 respondents were forced forced scared young single home reference news network reported on February 1st   Hong Kong media said, "don’t fall in love?" "When will you marry?" Once again to the lunar new year, it may meet friends and relatives "care" after being apart a long time the issue of marriage, some singles "head". Many of the young people also face similar problems, according to a recent survey in mainland China, more than 70% of the respondents had been forced parents, while the new year is approaching, facing a single family to marry can not help but sigh "sad year". According to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao Daily News website reported on January 31st, Chinese is concerned about the development of health and Sports Center next generation Committee, released earlier for 40 years following the youth" China forced status report ", found that more than 70% of the respondents had been forced parents, 25 to 35 year olds of maximum pressure, was forced rate as high as 86%, while women are forced to rate 6% higher than men. The survey also lists the forced characteristics, such as the most serious phenomenon is forced to Henan; Guangdong singles will be forced and because of false love, love is the highest proportion of false China; Shanghai words such as "parents nagging Tang Seng chanting"; Guangxi parents tough, strong will arrange for children to date; parents in Sichuan it will use the sea tactics, launched the siege of relatives and friends. While parents forced the four strokes "Nirvana" including inculcate, mobilize friends and family pressure, and forced to arrange a severe reprimand, children "move", to express distress, subject, accept the date to pretend to have responded to the object. Some netizens exclaimed: "no school graduation puppy love, get married, when we will spell." It has said: "if next year is still single, only a way out of the tourism festival." Some netizens also proposed how to "elegant" response to the relatives and friends to ask questions, such as "the Spring Festival, she did not buy a train ticket, I am single, but I’m not the scourge of people, also successfully avoided all slag male", "Hawick Lau is 12 years older than Yang Mi, Jay Chou Bikun Ling, 14 years old, Wu Qilongbi Liu Shishi at the age of 17. According to the age difference calculation of my other half in kindergarten or not yet born, I’ll wait for her". Editor: Mao min SN184 中国逾7成受访者遭逼婚 逼婚吓怕回家单身青年   参考消息网2月1日报道 港 媒称,“谈恋爱没呀?”“几时结婚?”马上又到农历新年,少不免可能会遇上久别重逢的亲友“关心”这些婚嫁问题,令一些单身者“头痕”。不少内地青年亦面 对类似问题,内地近期一项调查显示,逾七成受访者曾被父母逼婚,而新年将至,面临催婚的单身一族也不禁感叹“年关难过”。   据香港《明报》网站1月31日报道,中国关心下一代工作委员会健康体育发展中心,早前发布针对40岁以下青年的《中国逼婚现状调查报告》,发现逾七成受访者曾被父母逼婚, 25至35岁青年压力最大,被逼婚率高达86%,而女性被逼婚率比男性高6%。   调查又罗列各省逼婚“特色”,例如逼婚现象最严重的是河南;广东的单身青年会因为被逼婚而假恋爱,假恋爱比例是全中国最高;上海父母言语唠叨如“唐僧念经”;广西父母最强硬,会强行安排子女去相亲;四川的父母则会用人海战术,发动亲友围攻。   而父母逼婚的四招“必杀技”包括谆谆教诲、发动亲朋好友施压、强行安排相亲以及严厉申斥,子女则“见招拆招”,以表示苦恼、转移话题、接受相亲到假装有对象来回应。   有网友就叹道:“上学时不准早恋,毕业就得结婚,当我们会法术啊。”又有人称:“明年要是还是单身,只有过年旅游一条出路了。”   另 外一些网友就提出如何“优雅”回应亲友们的提问,例如“春运,她没买到火车票”、“我单身,但我不祸害人,还成功避开了所有渣男”、“刘恺威比杨幂大12 岁,周杰伦比昆凌大14岁,吴奇隆比刘诗诗大17岁。按照这个年龄差计算我的另一半可能在上幼儿园或者还没出生,我再等等她”。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: