Chinese in patients with severe mental disorders has reached 5 million 100 thousand physicians only

Chinese in patients with severe mental disorders has reached 5 million 100 thousand physicians only more than 20 thousand – Beijing, Sichuan province Xuyong County Community Health Service Center for medical workers in stable mental disease patients home home follow-up, guiding their rehabilitation training and health examination. Li Xin taken a mental patient in China will cause a schizophrenia 6 diseases classified as serious mental disorders in management. Mental illness for patients and their families are both physical and mental suffering, "this day can not go on!" During the interview, the 71 year old Guo Jiuxiang choked several times. Her husband has died, the eldest daughter and the youngest son has suffered from mental illness. Granddaughter is only 1000 yuan monthly income, and her granddaughter jointly bear the burden of the family. Daughter and son have lived 4 times. "Banks are not lending to me, then find a distant relative of the guarantor, to lend 5000 yuan to give his daughter to see a doctor, hospital spent 9000 yuan, 4000 yuan owed the hospital." Guo Jiuxiang said. No one son when the disease, called rice and toxic hunger, emotions will hit, Guo Jiuxiang was often wounded son. The neighbors were often harassed by him, and once he broke the neighbor’s glass. Son only 390 yuan per month subsidy. A box of medicine 62 yuan, a month to eat a box of 12. In addition, the drug treatment of cerebral infarction is more a month to spend 800 yuan. Because of the regular care of two sick children, mentally and physically exhausted Guo Jiuxiang. She suffered from uterine fibroids, doctors recommend removal of the uterus, she did not have the money to do surgery, has been dragging, stomach pain to eat painkillers to maintain. "In the past few years of age, the body is not good, pick up waste is not good. I don’t care who cares?" Guo Jiuxiang said with tears in his eyes. "A mental illness caused the collapse of a home." Liu Huilan, director of the Hebei provincial mental health center. She often saw the family in the eyes of helpless in the clinic, some families even crying in the consulting room. "Mental illness is different from other diseases, the disease for the patient, family members are both physical and mental suffering." Due to the cost of thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan per year can not afford the treatment costs, the town of Anhui Province, the town of Chang Deyi, the town has been locked in the home. The county CDPF after that, for the poor mental patients cost subsidies for medical expenses, most of the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement by the Department of civil affairs, the rest of the relief to solve. Chang Deyi said that the son of the pathogen did not hope, and now the country to the policy, the family has hope. China will schizophrenia, paranoid psychosis, schizoaffective disorder, disorder, mental disorder due to epilepsy and mental retardation accompanied with mental disorders such as bipolar disorder 6, classified as serious mental disorders in management. At present, all kinds of patients with mental illness in more than 100 million people, more than 16 million people with severe. As of the end of 2015, patients with severe mental disorders in China has reached 5 million 100 thousand people. Beijing city mental health care institute deputy director Yan Fang said, for the record management of patients, implementation of outpatient medication free system in Beijing city. If you have a physical disease from the Medicare inpatient reimbursement line part. If the insured is low.相关的主题文章: