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Chinese comprehensive regulation of Internet financial   standardize financial innovations to help the "double" — Guangxi channel — original title: Chinese comprehensive regulation of Internet financial regulation of financial innovations to help the "double" data for a large-scale Internet Finance in the country is the purge action in full swing. 13, 2009, China’s State Council officially issued the Internet financial risks special rectification work program (hereinafter referred to as the program), the disclosure of the full deployment of the remediation work. According to the special rectification goals, rectification work leading group responsible person said, in the short term, this is the specification of various types of Internet financial industry, but in the long run, a move designed to effectively play Internet financial support for public entrepreneurship, innovation (double) positive role. In this regard, Professor Yang Dong of Renmin University of China School of law in an interview with News Agency reporters said that the remediation activities for a period of nearly a year, as many as a dozen ministries involved, remediation object is involved in many areas of Internet payment, online lending, raise public equity financing, Internet insurance, Internet advertising, can be described as menacing. It is urgent to China chaos in recent years and the Internet in the financial sector problems, regulations. P2P (net lending) as an example, the China large domestic net lending institutions from information intermediary services to small and micro positioning and relying on the nature of the Internet business, alienation as credit intermediary exists, protect themselves from the financial, illegal lending, set up the pool of funds, time resolution, a large number of offline marketing behavior. But on the other hand, the official also aware of the Internet finance can play a positive role in promoting the "double", not "unworthy", the financial innovation to "bring order out of chaos."." Yang Dong said. Yang Dong further pointed out that, on the one hand, net loans, raise public financing channels can provide a considerable part of the lack of funds and full of creative projects and financial support; on the other hand, has a positive significance to the development and innovation of financing of electronic, convenient and diversified pattern of the entire financial industry, is conducive to the "double power" and "cultivating new energy economy. "The crackdown actually began in April, the official program would have to wait until the" double "activities held next week before the release, decision layer on the release time should be carefully considered." Yang Dong said. According to industry, Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun in an interview with News Agency reporters said that the campaigns focus on remediation of the third party payment includes six fields, a bit of everything, but considering that in recent years, P2P (lending) frequent risks, no doubt that when is the priority among priorities rectification action. "There is no doubt that the regulation helps to correct the deviation of some internet financial business innovation situation, to borrow the name of innovation for illegal activities of the organization to carry out clean-up standards, the beneficial innovation, legal compliance management mechanism to support protection. These will accelerate the industry reshuffle." Zhao Xijun said. In the case of P2P, according to China domestic third party P2P platform research and consulting the data network home loan, as of the end of July this year, the number of P2P platforms operating normally fell to 2281, compared with the end of June fell 68, a decline of 2)相关的主题文章: