Chinese colleges and universities will play! It turns out that a liberal president is too important-liuxiaobo

Chinese colleges and universities will play! It turns out that there is a liberal president is too important recently, there is a video again heat transfer. Hundreds of students dressed in uniform uniforms in the video hop Bigbang bang bang bang, the scene is extremely shocking. From the point of view, many students dance, take place, including the design of the end of the big egg extremely exciting, dance video watching so many netizens exclaimed: you let us dance like this for more than 10 years of broadcasting gymnastics tank! In the domestic traditional schools, although now more open than before, but because of school, the teacher didn’t allow a variety of reasons, we see various celebrations, performances are basically like this: picture: a foreign network, is this: picture source: network will play a little, is this source: network it is no wonder that many students friends lamented: actually not we will not play ah, no president who dares to license bangbangbang ah. The fact that a western style liberal president is the most important thing! It makes Quan Zhilong see how happy he is! It is reported that the video is a special exhibition in Sichuan, Guangyuan youth sports performances, users envy said: even if the president enlightened, at least 23 of the students have to coordinate the body ah…… In the end how to dance, video can not miss Oh ~ ~相关的主题文章: