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Chinese American scholar: "it is Dayou beam line to political justice 20, New York, held a rally to protest the Chinese, Chinese former police officer Peter was convicted of manslaughter and black beam in the course of duty. Original title: Chinese American "quite Dayou for beam to political justice – many Chinese observers suspect, Peter Liang was sentenced, is the background of police shootings in the layer to become a scapegoat, is the mainstream of American Society of Asian long neglected. February 20th, the United States local time, more than 45 cities across the United States tens of thousands of Chinese people took to the streets, on the New York Chinese police beam Peter killed black youth death case issued a "beam" voice. Since 2016, the United States has attracted considerable attention, which has aroused widespread concern in international public opinion. The event is from November 20, 2014, 27 years old, New York city police officer Peter and fellow Hongkong born beam on patrol in the process of shooting mistakenly hit African youth Kai Gray, who died in the hospital after. In February 11th this year, Liang Peter was convicted by the grand jury, two levels of manslaughter and other five allegations were established, will face at least 15 years in prison. From the judicial perspective beam Peter case, the grand jury convicted no obvious flaws: Peter beam in case not threatened finger on the gun, shot the parties after the rescue is not timely, it is "negligent manslaughter charges stand the question, even lawyers can not find significant legal flaws. But caused widespread dissatisfaction with the majority of Chinese, it is justice, but political justice: a person, a similar issue, Peter Liang is the first case in ten years were condemned, data show that from the beginning of 1999, there were 179 cases in New York armed police killings, before only because the police have even consciousness the five shot was convicted, but was sentenced to 5 years probation, Liang unconsciously opened a gun, may be sentenced to 15 years, it is considered to be a United States police nervous attitude table movement; the two, had made the raise a Babel of criticism of "Ferguson case" a white police officer shot murder at that time, the police or not be prosecuted or acquitted, but Peter Liang were sentenced, also had a comparative effect; three, is the beam Peter’s New York police station and police union, in the case did not fully support He. Based on these, many Chinese Americans suspected, Liang Peter was sentenced, in the background of the police shot out of the case, the parties made him a scapegoat, is the mainstream society in the United States long-term ignorance of Asian results. In essence, there is no doubt about the trial process and the conviction itself: there is no technical doubt in the majority of Chinese Americans about the judicial decision of Liang Peter case. In fact, the Chinese internal understanding of the Peter case is not the beam without objection, there are a lot of people think I am responsible for the Peter beam serious fault; and that, for those inexplicable shooting manslaughter will be popular in Chinese, in Asia (i.e. racial discrimination against African and other minorities) open, more difficult won the favor of mainstream society. Nevertheless, the beam line is still quite great in strength and impetus Dayou scheduled in 20 days. In this, there is the expression of racial equality demands roundabout expression, including some of the out of court factors accumulated prejudice for generations of 7 kiss

学者:美国华裔“挺梁大游行”要的是政治公正 20日,纽约,华人举行集会游行,抗议华裔前警员梁彼得因在执勤过程中误杀黑人被定罪。   原标题:美国华裔“挺梁大游行”要的是政治公正   ■ 观察家   很多华裔怀疑,梁彼得被重判,是警察枪杀案层出的大背景下沦为了替罪羊,是美国主流社会对亚裔长期忽视的结果。   美国当地时间2月20日,全美超过45个城市的成千上万华裔走上街头,就纽约市华裔警员梁彼得误伤黑人青年致死案发出“挺梁”呼声。这场2016年以来全美颇受瞩目的裁决,引发国际舆论广泛关注。   事件由头是,2014年11月20日,27岁的纽约市香港裔警员梁彼得和同伴在巡逻过程中,开枪误击非裔青年阿凯・格雷,后者送医后不治身亡。今年2月11日,梁彼得被大陪审团定罪,二级过失杀人罪等五项指控全部成立,将至少面临15年牢狱之灾。   站在司法角度看梁彼得案,大陪审团的定罪并无明显瑕疵:梁彼得在未受到威胁情况下手指按在枪支上,误伤当事人后救人不及时等,都令其“疏忽误杀”罪名经得起质疑,就连律师都找不到重大法律纰漏。   但引发广大华裔普遍不满的,与其说是司法公正,毋宁说是政治公正:一者,同类事件中,梁彼得是十年来第一例被定罪的,数据显示,从1999年开始,纽约共有179起警察持枪杀人事件,之前只有一起因警察有意识连开五枪被确认有罪的,也只被判了5年缓刑,梁无意识地开了一枪,可能判15年,难免被认为是美国警民情绪紧张时某种表姿态的动作;二者,此前闹得沸沸扬扬的“弗格森案”等白人警官开枪杀人案中,当时警察或不被起诉或无罪释放,唯独梁彼得遭重判,也产生了对比效果;三者,就是梁彼得所在的纽约警局及警察工会,在此案中并未全力支持他。   基于这些,很多华裔怀疑,梁彼得被重判,是在警察枪杀案层出的大背景下各方让他当了替罪羊,是美国主流社会对亚裔长期忽视的结果。而这,本质上无关对审判过程、定罪本身的质疑:在美华裔多数对于梁彼得案司法判决从技术上并无怀疑。事实上,华人内部对梁彼得案的认识不是没有异议,也有不少人认为梁彼得本人需为其严重过错负责;还有的认为,替开枪误杀者鸣冤叫屈,会将流行于华裔中的亚种族主义(即歧视非裔等少数族裔)公开化,更难获得主流社会好感。   尽管如此,声势浩大的挺梁大游行仍在20日如期举行。这里面,有族群平权诉求迂回表达的意味,包括某些庭外因素对世代累积的被歧视感的吻合,也是重要诱因。因此他们选择了政治化表达路径,以期表达郁结在司法个案以外社会各个方面的平等诉求。   这从此次大游行的明显特征也能看出:这场游行,不仅参与人数多、参与地域广泛,且新老华裔、两岸三地包括那些华裔在职、参选及退任官员等均有积极参与;还有,挺梁大游行和白宫网上请愿、华文媒体广泛宣传报道等相互结合,形成线上线下相呼应;而游行口号的审慎和高度一致,游行秩序良好,也表明了游行组织方的精心设计。   从美国司法的特点和历史经验看,此次挺梁大游行能否影响到4月份梁彼得案的最终判决,仍是未定之数。但这场华裔空前政治大动员,也标志着,越来越多华裔已领会到,要用美国的方式表达利益诉求,并在强化族群族裔共同体意识、学会在避免激怒非裔社区乃至主流社会的前提下,表达自己的族群呼吁,进而在融入美国主流社会中祛除那些掣肘华裔政治地位平等的因素。   所以说,华裔挺梁游行的诉求指向,其实已溢出个案,更多的在于一种政治发声。   □张智新(学者) 责任编辑:瞿� SN117相关的主题文章: