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China will organize a school bus safety investigation work – Politics – original title: China will organize a school bus safety investigation work of Xinhua news agency in Beijing in October 13, 13 reporters learned from the Ministry of education, this year, around the school bus safety accidents happened frequently, winter is road traffic accident prone period, in order to ensure the school of traffic safety, the Department of Education Office of the steering committee decided to carry out the day before school (kindergarten) in the national organization of the school bus safety investigation work. It is understood that the safety investigation based on the continuation of the previous traffic safety inspection, focus more on school bus safety publicity and education, school bus, school bus safety investigation and security risk prevention plan, improve the protection of school bus priority rights and other aspects of the work. The Ministry of education official said, all localities should start from the aspects of safety management, the student school bus and shuttle vehicles, route and road safety hazards are serious investigation and registration, thorough investigation of speeding, overcrowding and other illegal acts, to further increase the "black school bus" and illegal shuttle students vehicle rectification. In addition, around and effectively increase the transfer students on the school bus and vehicle dynamic control efforts, earnestly implement the relevant laws and regulations, ensure bus priority, to actively promote the whole society especially the school bus driver consciously comity, and strive to create a good social atmosphere for the care of students, guarantee students traffic safety. (reporter Liu Yizhan) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Shen Yaxin tester)相关的主题文章: