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China Daily: Ning Zetao did not need to be so pessimistic a bright future Ning Zetao learned that Zetao Ning is currently handling transfer procedures, whether or not he is retired, and the future road of life, any related party had said. It seems that the Rio Olympics, Ning Zetao and the swimming center due to the commercial interests of the dispute is not the end, both sides of the predicament and the secret appears to be continuing. The two sides are the interests of businessmen kidnapping? Ning Zetao said that in terms of business interests, he is very complex with the swimming center. In fact, as head of the incident and as Ning Zetao says. The basic context is this, Ning Zetao was really concerned about the outside world, is the 2014 Asian Games held in Inchon, South korea. He is in better shape, delicate features, and through the waves in the pool won the gold medal figure, attracted the attention of the public. Since then, Ning Zetao has been concerned about the domestic business. The following is the 2015 World Championships in Kazan, Ning Zetao won the men’s 100 meter freestyle, let this set of Yan value and talent in one of the handsome guy in the limelight. At that time, Sun Yang was almost forgotten by the outside world, Ning Zetao has replaced the trend of becoming a national idol Sun Yang. There are professional bodies to assess, Ning Zetao’s commercial value of up to 1 billion yuan. However, it is precisely the time when Ning Zetao became the darling of the business, the contradiction appeared. The Olympic Games, Ning Zetao private advertising, and contradict the leadership, has already been shelved, almost missed the Rio olympics. Originally thought that after the Rio Olympics, Ning Zetao and the swimming center to resolve the conflict, but from the recent dynamic perspective, the two sides did not break the deadlock. The stalemate of the reason, I’m afraid not to contradict Ning Zetao leadership so simple, but Ning Zetao and the swimming center represents a different business interests, Ning Zetao and the swimming center who would compromise, who alleged breach of contract. If the two sides really have been "hijacked" by business interests, seeing as competitive state golden years Ning Zetao was ahead, is a great loss to himself and Chinese swimming. I believe, this is who are not willing to see the battle in the end. Ning Zetao does not need to be so pessimistic because Ning Zetao did not say he and the swimming center of all the contradictions, and the swimming center has not yet responded to foreign. Which one is right? The outside world is also difficult to pass judgment. However, the swimming center for Ning Zetao to punish is not without basis. Many years ago, the sports administration has issued relevant documents, the athletes of the commercial value of how to develop a regulation, the general requirement is not allowed to athletes business contracts, basically to take care of the United sports management center. For example, when Liu Xiang, its commercial endorsement contracts are given to the management of the track and field management center, the proceeds obtained, take away half of Liu Xiang, the remaining half of the track and field management center, the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau, the coach of the coach of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and China Sports Management Center, the municipal sports bureau. Obviously, Ning Zetao privately advertising endorsements, in violation of the relevant provisions, and affect the interests of the swimming center. Ning Zetao in the final analysis is the national system to develop the athletes, to some extent, the "state-owned assets belonging to Ning Zetao". If he secretly received advertising, signed a contract, but stressed that the maximum benefit of their own, it means;相关的主题文章: