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China and ASEAN to build a tourism community, China and ASEAN are good neighbors, good friends. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other ASEAN countries as early as the end of the last century in 80s to become the first group of Chinese citizens outbound tourism destination country, has been favored by Chinese tourists. In recent years, with the rapid development of tourism in China and asean. China has become the largest source of tourists. 2017 will usher in the year of China ASEAN tourism cooperation, the two sides will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen tourism cooperation, and strive to achieve the China ASEAN two-way exchange of 30 million people in 2020 goal. China is the largest tourist source country of ASEAN, which is the bridge of communication of civilization, culture and friendship. The 2016 China ASEAN Expo tourism exhibition held in Guilin in Guangxi the day before. The tourism exhibition "in twenty-first Century to build the maritime Silk Road, to build Chinese ASEAN tourism community" as the theme, promote tourism exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and ASEAN countries, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, reinforce public opinion, build Chinese ASEAN tourism community. China has become the largest source of tourists. Chinese tourism cooperation with ASEAN is showing a good momentum of rapid development, at present there are thousands of weekly flights shuttling between ASEAN and China hundreds of city. China and ASEAN two-way personnel exchanges have increased from 3 million 870 thousand passengers in 2003, up to the number of passengers in 2015, a record high level of tourism exchange. In recent years, Chinese citizens to ASEAN tourists rose 50% to reach about 17000000 passengers. China’s attractiveness to ASEAN tourists continues to rise. In the first half of 2016, according to the number of inbound tourists, China’s main tourist market in the top 15 countries, there are 6 ASEAN countries. ASEAN countries travel to about 6500000 people. Adjacent to the ASEAN Guangxi, for example, the current annual arrivals of more than 3 million visitors in Guangxi, of which nearly half from ASEAN countries. ASEAN China closely with tourism cooperation in Kampuchea Tourism Minister Tang Kun in China ASEAN Expo tourism exhibition, China is through the Silk Road Economic Belt "in twenty-first Century and" maritime Silk Road "of these two important initiatives to strengthen regional and world unicom. Tourism is an important part of the cooperation between the two countries, has become a new highlight of bilateral comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. Kampuchea attaches great importance to the Chinese market, will take more measures to create a more friendly and convenient tourist environment for Chinese tourists, and strive to achieve the goal of receiving 2 million Chinese tourists in 2020. Philippines Tourism Minister Wanda in Beijing recently said that Philippines attaches great importance to Chinese market, efforts will be made in the visa facilitation, increased flights in China, to strengthen publicity and promotion, to attract more tourists travel to the Philippines China. Philippines is increasing infrastructure construction and investment, welcomed the strength of Chinese tourism enterprises to invest in the philippines. "Beautiful Chinese – old the Great Wall Tourism Zone in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur held promotional activities before the day. Malaysia Tourism Promotion Bureau official said that at present China is the third largest source of tourists in Malaysia, Malaysia in china.相关的主题文章: