China and the United States sanctions draft agreement recently submitted to the Security Council – S

China and the United States sanctions draft agreement recently submitted to the Security Council – Sohu news [global network reporter Li Daxin reported] according to the Reuters reported on February 24th, said the two were not willing to disclose the identity of the ambassador to the United Nations Security Council diplomatic officials before the two countries has been expanding sanctions against the DPRK’s draft agreement, and will soon be submitted to the Council for vote. The two diplomats revealed that China and the United States had already agreed on the draft of sanctions on the DPRK, and the contents of the draft will be released to the 15 members of the security council. Reported that in January 6th this year, after the DPRK announced the fourth nuclear test, the two major powers in the past seven weeks has been on expanding the content of the draft sanctions on North Korea negotiations. One diplomat pointed out that the draft was "detailed, comprehensive and substantive", and he expected the draft to be submitted to the Security Council and voted through in the last few days. He said that in the course of consultations, China and the United States had been deadlocked over a large number of issues, but the two countries finally reached an agreement. Reported that two diplomats refused to further disclose the specific content of the draft sanctions. Diplomats from other western countries have disclosed to Reuters that the United States has been working hard to promote China’s strict restrictions on the docking of Korean vessels into international ports, as well as the freezing of the international business of the Bank of korea. On February 23rd, when foreign minister Wang Yi met with American Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey in Washington, he expounded China’s position on the Korean peninsula. Wang Yi pointed out that China and the United States believe that, from the maintenance of the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, the DPRK can not accept the DPRK’s nuclear and missile development program, and can not recognize the DPRK’s status as a nuclear power. Wang Yi said that the current UN Security Council consultation on the DPRK’s new resolution has made important progress and is expected to reach agreement in the near future. We believe that this resolution once implemented, will effectively curb North Korea’s nuclear and missile program to further promote. But at the same time, the Chinese side once again stressed that the Security Council resolution itself can not fundamentally solve the Peninsula nuclear issue, and the parties will eventually return to the track of dialogue and negotiation.

中美就对朝制裁草案达成一致 近日提交安理会-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 记者 李大昕】据路透社2月24日报道,两名不愿意透露身份的驻联合国安理会外交官员日前表示,中美两国已经初步就扩大对朝制裁的草案达成一致,并将于近期提交安理会进行投票表决。  这两名外交官员透露,中美两国已经初步就扩大对朝制裁的草案达成一致,有关草案内容将于近日向安理会15个成员国公开。报道称,今年1月6日朝鲜宣布进行第四次核试验之后,这两个大国在过去的七周中一直在就扩大对朝制裁草案的内容进行谈判磋商。  其中一名外交官员指出,这份制裁草案“详细、全面,具有实质性的内容”,他预计该草案将于最近几天提交安理会并投票通过。  他表示,在磋商过程中,中美两国曾在大量问题上僵持不下,但两国最终仍达成了协议。  报道称,两名外交官员均拒绝进一步披露制裁草案的具体内容。有其他西方国家的外交官员向路透社透露,美国此前一直在努力推动中方同意追加对朝鲜船只停靠国际港口的严格限制,以及对于朝鲜银行国际业务的冻结。  2月23日,外交部长王毅在华盛顿同美国国务卿克里共同会见记者时,就朝鲜半岛局势阐述了中方立场。王毅指出,中美双方认为,从维护国际核不扩散体系出发,不能接受朝鲜的核、导开发计划,不能承认朝鲜的拥核国地位。  王毅表示,目前联合国安理会涉朝新决议的磋商已取得重要进展,有望近期内达成一致。中方相信,这个决议一旦执行,将有效遏阻朝鲜核、导计划的进一步推进。但同时,中方也再次强调,安理会决议本身并不能从根本上解决半岛核问题,各方最终还是要重新回到对话谈判的轨道上来。相关的主题文章: