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Cheongsam, plastic shoes, feather skirt to see if Ms. PRADA recover the original simplicity four fashion week in Milan "the explosion of MS is seventy years into the fashionable strange old man, so it is the most glamorous dignified for Prada, her art, strange but with a little conservative…… It seems today and you talk, after all — Prada can also add a lot of new Milan time: September 22, 2016 18:00 location: Via Fogazzaro Street 36 quarter: 2017 spring and summer series of women’s fashion show ["show" — the multi polarization puzzle] true to life as usual, this season is still the continuation of the Prada women’s show the use of men’s series a month ago to set up the background. The show set designed by AMO to, using the concept of layered architecture design. Continuous metal surface covering on the show all of the elements and the formation of a different shape and dimensions by interweaving the unique abstraction layer, weave a hazy repeated cold dream. The middle of the room to install a display show directed by David · O· Russell (David O. Russell) multi screen film device led, "forward" review screenings (PAST FORWARD) video clips. With the psychedelic light made the surface covering all empty, add color to show the human era reminiscent of a scene after. Leisurely walk in the central model show, to maintain a certain distance with the audience, the formation of a rising sense of space. They continued to rise in the narrow T ramp, and eventually disappeared at the end of the T platform. ["Wu Road" — good taste and bad taste] from the simple sum of East West cheongsam elements to Europe in 20s Nongyan Lingge collision suit, from the correct and elegant fun to coat seemingly cheap rubber slippers, this is a "rude about Aunt Miu addition of the mixed practice, wretched and beautiful, and the past halo intertwined blurred deranged sense, a fall Prada weave another dream. On the "season" soft force suddenly entered the contest symbolism country, fond of seasonal material stitching Prada never seemed to care about clothes with the weather, more is to look at the weather with a global view, she believes that in the summer, people demand for patchwork fur coat of light and in fact the silk dress is as large as the demand. This season, the most important element of light penetration through the whole series, the texture of the lightweight spring and summer to become the most solid in a touch of temperature. In this sense of seasonal dress series, pattern and style is more light, not only a frivolous temptations, without losing the power of women, the color and texture of the layers of fusion blooming of female beauty is not the same. The combination of perspective and feathers is not necessarily the ultimate temptation and sexy, Prada world, these two words do not have another flavor. The use of feminine see-through dress for more to a higher level. This coat is still a windbreaker dress series of main styles, the two dimensional badges of the decoration, she seems to have been in the eclecticism.相关的主题文章: