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Chengdu Metro "pregnant man" calls for pregnant women more space – community channel said that men can be pregnant, can you believe it? Yesterday evening peak, Chengdu subway line two, there were many "pregnant man". The first working day after the holiday, the evening rush crowded subway station. In the metro line two car several slightly "bloated", a man walking posture strange let people have eyebrows. They wear a uniform t-shirt. The passengers There were many discussions. Many people have come up with a mobile phone camera, and some people still give up pregnant male seat, help the pregnant man bent down to pick up something. The passengers asked "why pregnant women and men" as one of the "pregnant women, pregnant women and men" responded: "we this is a father like the mission of spontaneous activity, is to call on everyone to pregnant women more space and more attention and care". On the same day, two lines through the Hui station, a pregnant woman placed along the street stalls, selling many good fineness bag. The pregnant woman with a megaphone shouting to attract passers-by. Stand also set a sign: pregnant women is not easy for children to empty the cloakroom, a sell price collection for many years. I hope you can give more space and tolerance. Source: Sichuan Online相关的主题文章: