Chengdu City Housing Authority official website was cloned public security departments involved in

Chengdu City Housing Authority official website was "cloning" of public security departments involved in the investigation of the new network in Chengdu Xinhua News Agency October 25th news (reporter Li Qianwei Ye Hanyong) 25 reporter learned from the Chengdu Housing Authority, recently there is a social website "cloning" of the Bureau’s official website, the Bureau has issued a warning on the official website, to remind users to pay attention to the screening, and has been reported to the public security department, the public security organs have been involved in the investigation. Chengdu City Housing Authority released on the official website top position display warning: "this monitoring found that social website counterfeit Bureau portal website, set up a" Sichuan housing security and the real estate management bureau’s website (http: /). The site as a whole copy, copy of my bureau portal column name, site layout, style and content, with the confusion and misleading, please be aware of the masses, in order to prevent being cheated." Reporters enter the URL, it pops up a very similar to the official website of the website, the web page design, color, LOGO, plate setting, address information and Chengdu City Housing Authority official website almost as like as two peas organization, government information, e-government, dynamic, notice, policy and regulations as the latest web site Goods are available in all varieties., content update to October 9th. It is worth noting that, with the official website of the column is different, the right side of the site on the right side of the eye-catching site has two queries, namely, the contract for the record and the title card inquiries". Reporters went in to find that the contract filing query need to enter the contract number and ID number, property certificate inquiry need to enter the property certificate number, property rights, ID number". This information is probably the key information the copycat cheats do website wants to cash. More confusing is that copycat website to hang out "administrative efficiency complaint calls, and publish the number of bureau of Chengdu City, exactly the same. This means that even if the query people call to verify on personnel is the Housing Authority, which makes people search for Gospel truth. In the search for Baidu, Sichuan housing security and real estate, the key word, the pop-up is the home page of this site. The site away in some detail. If the unit is "copycat sites up in Sichuan Province, the housing and the Housing Authority", but the inside pages in the paper has shown the Council introduction……" Cottage site leadership Division also did not update the current leadership of the information. Some users according to the IP address inquiries found that the site’s server address in Hongkong, the content of the site is obtained by means of technical information on the official website of the Chengdu municipal housing authority. Currently, the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau is investigating the relevant circumstances.相关的主题文章: