Chengdu 4P pornographic videos on the Internet fiery spread-lm3886

Chengdu 4P "pornographic video on the Internet spread hot in early March this year, the Mianzhu Municipal Public Security Bureau network security brigade inspections in the network, found a section called" Chengdu 4P "pornographic video spread on the Internet hot. For a time, Chengdu 4P has become a major search engine keywords. At this time the network security brigade received the company transferred to Mianzhu membership on the Chengdu 4P clues. After verification, found that Mianzhu new police station also received the same report. The police soon found, the pornographic videos and it is about 2 minutes, there were 2 men and 2 women in the picture, the "performance" of large scale, the speed of communication, staggering. Police found that this video in many websites, QQ group and WeChat circle of friends have appeared in a very short time, Chengdu 4P has become a hot word search site. Through further investigation, the police quickly identified the release of pornographic videos is a network called "Sydney gun" female anchor, one of the 2 female performers she is also in this video. With the in-depth investigation, "Sydney gun" identity gradually surfaced, the network broadcast circle "popular female anchor" for Lin, 21 years old, Deyang Zhongjiang County, the temporary residence in Chengdu city. From the beginning of the end of 2015, she has become a number of mobile broadcast software popular female anchor, with more than 4 people in the amount of fans, in the circle of fame is not small. In late May 4th 8 pm, Deyang, Mianzhu two police arrested the group in Chengdu, Jinniu District City, a residential door, just back from a trip to Dubai from the United Arab Emirates Lin and Wang, and greet their Lee and other three people arrested. Police learned in the investigation, involving three girls from Deyang, Zhongjiang, after the girls, their families are not bad, of which Lin Moumou home conditions are relatively good, parents have legitimate work. But because of vanity in the pursuit of pleasure, they embarked on the path of crime. Editor: GDN002相关的主题文章: