Chen when Dad, his ex-wife Xu Jing and Zhang Zixuan’s comments on micro-blog! gamelink

Chen when Dad, his ex-wife Xu Jing and Zhang Zixuan’s comments on micro-blog! Chen micro-blog. In late October 23rd 8, Chen drying out a "hand in hand" in the micro-blog pictures, and with the text "thanksgiving" to celebrate his flesh and Zhang Zixuan came to the world. It is reported that Zhang Zixuan was born in Shanghai on the morning of 23 daughters, baby six pounds of 62, mother and daughter peace. Last year, two people have friends broke the licensing of marriage, the Chen father for promotion, Chen is also a new beginning. Chen married, Li Chen, baby and many other star friends in micro-blog in a blessing: angelababy: wow! Congratulations to you! Sheenah: Wow, what a lovely little hand. Congratulations! Li Chen: baby, when can I meet her?… Huo Siyan: Hi hehe, diaper has been sent to Shanghai. Dongyu Zhou: congratulations! Dad, Dad! Wong Cho Lam: thanksgiving! Jia Ling: congratulations!!! Congratulations!!! Ye Yiqian: Congratulations brother Hector and Zi Yin Zhuang Xuan, we Youtian one! Zhang Jingchu: Congratulations! I’m Hu Jian and I’m a beauty. But in addition to the following screenshot part of micro-blog, a micro-blog Chen Xu Jing following his ex-wife bursting with happiness, micro-blog fry: Chen Xu Jing’s ex-wife micro-blog screenshot but Xu Jing was enthusiastic audience below micro-blog bombing, Zhang Zixuan didn’t go well. Although Zhang Zixuan’s micro-blog comments turned off, but also a lot of users forwarded: Zhang Zixuan micro-blog screenshot related news Chen to be a father! Zhang Zixuan’s pregnant belly shopping was traced to the November due date Chen Zhang Zixuan hygiene conditions due to play entertainment news in February this year, the Internet exposed Chen Chen pregnant girlfriend Zhang Zixuan, accompanied by check message. The day before, Zhang Zixuan was photographed shopping, accompanied by the mother reported that Zhang Zixuan has been pregnant for four months, due in November. The same day Zhang Zixuan is wearing a black loose suspenders, a green jacket, foot shoes, while wearing masks and hats, looks on the street very carefully. Though the jacket was covered, it was easy to see that Zhang Zixuan’s stomach had risen. The middle-aged woman colleagues later confirmed it was Zhang Zixuan’s mother, a mother looks younger, carry a green bag, with his daughter a brisk walk in the mall, two people whisper from time to time. There is a large number of clothing and natural pregnancy pregnancy baby supplies needed, for mother and daughter visited several stores are still in high spirits. Informed sources said Zhang Zixuan has been pregnant for 4 months, the expected date of childbirth in late November. It is said that there are a number of friends and relatives suggested that she go abroad to give birth to a baby, but Zhang Zixuan said, the Chinese will have children in China, the attitude is firm. In the birth of Zhang Zixuan unemployed when Chen was in Hengdian filming the drama. This partner changed because "female biography", "Princess medicine Cheonggu fox legend" hit and the soaring popularity of small artistes Jin Chen. From March to the end of April, Chen has been stranded in Hengdian film city Kuangzhuan milk money, even to return to Shanghai to visit his wife and unborn fetus. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: