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86 years old his father died before Chen has called the children not sick to death – redress Sohu news retrial, Chen man father Chen Yuancheng in finishing the complaint materials. The first half of the men 23 years Chen Man returned to Sichuan city in Mianzhu Province in the home, had been running for his father Chen Yuancheng died. In August 30th, Chen Man told the surging news (), his father died in August 27th, tomorrow will be buried. In 1992, Hainan occurred murder case crematorium, was in Hainan to make Chen Man then locked for the murderer. In April 1999, after 6 years of judicial proceedings, the second instance Chen man was sentenced to death with reprieve. Since then, he has been in prison innocence, said he did not murder, his parents have been running outside his case. In February 2015, the Supreme Procuratorate directly to the Supreme Court of Hainan protest, said the judgment error of fact, lead to erroneous application of the law. In April of the same year, the highest law specifies the Zhejiang High Court retrial case. In February 1st this year, the Zhejiang high court in accordance with the law on the Chen Man murder, arson retrial open verdict, revocation of the original judgment, Chen declared full of innocence. He has 23 years of Chen Man was acquitted. August 30th, Chen Man told the surging news reporter said that his case was eventually retrial, and acquitted, and his parents have been insisting for many years he has a great relationship. From his accident, the two old man has been removed in Hainan, Beijing, Chengdu, to various departments to submit the complaint materials, exhausted effort. Chen Yuancheng had told the surging news reporter said that he has not been in good health, but in order to give his son revenge, he and his wife was alive, not sick, not death, Chen Ping. Wait until a certain full return. Chen Man told reporters that his father is 86 years old this year, died three days ago in the hospital, had been in hospital for a long time, is the main variety of disease, organ failure, the last week of illness did not okay. Chen Man said that he came back soon after his father left, which makes him feel very sad, did not have time to honor him. He was sick when he said it was a good time to go out with him and his mother. Chen Yuancheng on his deathbed, told him to take good care of his mother and one family, into a house, make life stable. "He finally felt comforted. After all, he saw me coming back."相关的主题文章: