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Chelsea superstar can compete for the world’s strongest! A Zal and 1 Kings have Kanter, equal to one person on the field sina sports news home against Tottenham Hotspur, which is currently the best defensive team in the premier league between the two battle between the. Before the game, the two teams have conceded only 1 digits, and the rest of the team also conceded at least 12 grains. When it comes to the defense, is the most important master Kanter. In the first half of today’s game, Chelsea overall performance in general, especially in the first 43 minutes, the Spurs scored a record of 10 shots, the Blues have only lost the ball 1. In addition to luck factors, but also with the timely adjustment of the location of Kanter. The opponent was fixed on the rib region, and scored a goal after Kanter had the right – back position slightly retracement, this attack channel was blocked by tottenham. Kanter is everywhere if the first half of the game, Kanter’s performance in general, so the game into the second half, with Kanter’s recovery, Chelsea also brave up. In the attack, Kanter even further and front right, Diego – Costa played with. Eighty-second minutes of the game, he came across the bottom line in the restricted area on the right and William with commentary, joked: "this is not Kanter". In defense, Kanter’s recovery has also let Spurs’ s offense be curbed. More importantly, Chelsea counter ultra score goals from Kanter steals. Along the Kanter – to – Zal – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – the route, finally formed the break by the way of the. After the game, "Daily Mail" to Kanter hit 7 points, but the Chelsea team in addition to the most high score outside of Pedro. The game, Kanter successfully tackles 5 times, after the team defender Azpilicueta. In addition, he had 2 tackles, 2 clearances. What’s more, Kanter’s wide range of running, so that Chelsea’s midfield in the second half is full of vitality. Leicester city has been scouting director Steve Walsh described: "we played is the third field, Drinkwater in the middle, and Kanter could also appear in the left and right sides." With a lot of friends to describe, that is, with Kanter, equal to one more on the field of Chelsea. Kanter is a man on the field last season in Leicester City, is an important hub for Kanter from defensive to offensive, the ball is always after Kanter and Drinkwater to Maheras. Now in Chelsea, Kanter has become the real core level figures. Since Fabregas lost the main position, the ball often through the hands of the hands of the hands of the hands of Kanter and after the attack, such as a soldier, such as a. Compared with Matic, Kanter scored more times. Today, the two pass times are 47 and 36 times. In contrast, Kanter’s role is more important. In addition, Kanter fights for 17 times, ball 6 times, had 5 tackles. He is worthy of the most comprehensive defensive midfielder. However, in Kanter’s view, between himself and Matic is no rival, but a pair of intimate partners. He said: "Chelsea has a lot of good midfielders, but I am a pair of iron with Matic, yes, he is a very good player. At the time of daily training相关的主题文章: