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Charm Blue Max experience: in addition to the big screen in memory, camera into a bright spot – Sohu digital technology Sohu Lv Linxuan " the golden nine silvers ten " the beginning of the war. Can keep the hair of the Meizu resorted to a large screen mobile phone Charm Blue Charm Blue Max. From the name will be able to know the core selling point of this phone is large, but it is very realistic, Meizu successfully from the inside out of the phone to do the big". Meizu not only become the largest screen size of the phone, but also to achieve the degree of memory 64GB start. Large screen mobile phone segments, a killer is on the screen under the condition of large video experience, mobile office as a selling point, coupled with reliable life time, in order to form a large screen mobile phone functionality complete. And Charm Blue Max at this point exactly how? The appearance of consumers on the big screen mobile phone’s biggest concern is the size of the phone up, and will not come down. Charm Blue Max 6 inch mobile phone will be compressed to 100 yuan size, on the other hand, the weight has been very good control, so in the hands grip the unexpected relaxed feeling. Although the border control, as always, in place, plus the phone box using the CNC cutting process, but if you are small, there will inevitably be a sweaty hand feeling. But on a series of large screen phone, the charm of blue Max feel really do the best. The appearance of Charm Blue Max inherited Charm Blue E design style, the whole is more tough, this is also more in line with the business location. Color Charm Blue Max provides gold, silver, gray, rose gold four color options, the basic coverage of the mainstream tone preference for young people. Charm Blue Max front still retains the Meizu’s consistent product design ID, mBack key to become a key element to capture the big screen mobile phone meizu. The back of the integrated metal body feel good, the camera is not prominent. Unfortunately, the performance of the charm blue Max no starter P20, but the configuration is still reasonable. Built MediaTek Helio P10 processor, memory using 3GB RAM+64GB ROM combination. Bunny ran in the 4 + million, able to cope with daily needs. Another 6 inches 1080P Full HD LTPS screen, the display can be satisfactory, but the brightness of the light compared with iPhone 6S or a certain gap. But unfortunately, it is already familiar with the set of configuration Meizu is not perfect. In the use of mobile phones to play video, the upper part of the mobile phone has a significant fever, the hand can obviously feel uncomfortable. In order to adapt to the power consumption of large screen, Charm Blue Max also built-in 4100mAh battery, and support M Charge fast charge, up to 24W. In fact, this is not the first time the Meizu battery capacity to the level of 4000mAh, in the thousands of machines before the Charm Blue Note 3 has been used, in the blue Max enough to cope with the day’s high frequency video and office needs. The system is still familiar with Flyme OS, still.相关的主题文章: