Changzhou, a Land Rover owners refused to deal with illegal parking tear off the ticket affix masa-c

Changzhou, a Land Rover owner refused to stop illegal processing   torn ticket sticking auxiliary forehead car — original title: Changzhou a Land Rover owner refused to stop illegal processing of torn ticket posted auxiliary forehead data the morning of October 1st, Liyang Land Rover owner Wang against illegal parking, actually will inform the illegally parked single tear, attached to the auxiliary police head. For it is constituted insulting others, Wang was sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days, well over the National Day holiday in detention. In the morning, under the leadership of the police, led by the police in the vicinity of Liyang East Street to maintain order, found a land vehicle parked in the vicinity of the city people’s Hospital, then stepped forward to stop the illegal notification. After going out more than 100 meters away, Cao suddenly shouted, the original is a Land Rover driver Wang chase, claiming that he only stopped for a while, will be told to sell a single. Jo said can not be canceled, Wang was very angry, and his mouth foul mouthed push him a few times. See the pin single hopeless, Wang in spite of his persuasion, he will inform the single tear, posted on Jo’s forehead. Onlookers immediately alarm, police quickly arrived. The investigation, Wang’s behavior has constituted a violation of public security management, insulting others, was sentenced to administrative detention for 5 days. (: Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: