Changsha 13 units were listed as a result of fire hazard rectification and acceptance after rectific-lm3886

Changsha 13 units are listed after the approval for warning rectification of fire hazards (original title: Changsha 13 units due to a major fire hazard warning by listing the September 14th News) today, Changsha municipal government held a special city’s major fire hazards rectification work supervision meeting, announced the 13 units of major fire hazards supervise the handling of the Changsha municipal government in 2016. Tang Xiangyang, vice mayor of Changsha attended the meeting and delivered a speech. 13 units of major fire hazards, including Changsha fruit vegetable wholesale market, Hunan Sifang compass Commercial Plaza, Tianxin District Furong new Home Furnishing Plaza, the fire hazard is mainly the existence of fire channel, identification standard, linkage control equipment can not be normal operation of the fire, firefighters did not fire certificates, incomplete procedures, without the acceptance of unauthorized investment use or business etc.. Tang Xiangyang said that the municipal government will send a working group to check the relevant departments around the rectification of hidden trouble. No rectification of major fire hazards supervise the handling of the government, the implementation of "one vote veto" in government fire control work responsibility target assessment and acceptance of this year; the larger fire or dead people have greater social impact of fire during the rectification, the responsible units and persons responsible for serious accountability. The rectification is completed, will be organized by the municipal government approval to close the case, removal of major fire hazards unit warning signs. The connection bar fire safety comprehensive renovation of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday approaching, the bar into a lot of young people to meet friends preferred. In order to prevent the occurrence of major fire accidents such as bars and other gathering places, from September 12th to November 10th, Changsha city fire safety committee will focus on fire safety in the city to carry out special rectification bar. Special action will be combined, township police station area bar centralized diagnostic investigation of fire hazards has been found to supervise the rectification, investigated and dealt with according to law. Not required to rectify the closure of all. (Sanxiang reporter correspondent Yang Yu Liu Shujing)相关的主题文章: