Changle airport can brush ID card clearance clearance at least half an hour-truffe

Changle airport can brush card boarding a clearance certificate, at least half an hour to produce their identity cards, security will print out a boarding receipt channel network November 25th hearing (Haidu reporter Zhu Liping) and take the motor car, you can brush card, security check. Recently, some media reports, starting in January 1, 2017, according to the relevant domestic policies, has officially allowed the implementation of the Chinese airport, a permit clearance". Yesterday, reporters from the Yuan Xiang Fuzhou airport was informed that as early as October 28, 2014, the Fuzhou airport has launched a clearance certificate service, F, G in two dedicated security channel, passengers only need to brush the two generation ID card can be fast and convenient boarding. At present, the people of Fuzhou to Changle airport, if there is no baggage, without queuing for the tickets, check-in, security authentication before stamp chapter, through F, G security channel fast boarding." Yuan Xiang Fuzhou airport official said, starting from the Fuzhou airport domestic airline passengers, to the two generation ID card, no baggage of the passengers arrive at the exclusive security channel, identity cards, micro printer security will be randomly assigned seats, and print out a boarding receipt, security personnel on the receipt stamp to achieve a clearance certificate, can save at least half an hour. At present, the Fuzhou airport is constantly advancing the two round of the expansion construction, future investment for export new, will realize the function of a clearance certificate. The reporter learned that, last year, Fuzhou airport passenger throughput of 10 million 880 thousand passengers at Fuzhou airport in the future, if the full realization of the brush card passenger boarding, the airline ticket "paperless" this one, port of Fuzhou airlines can save about ten million yuan. – remind does not apply to all passengers Yuan Xiang Fuzhou airport to remind, a clearance certificate is only adapted to hold the two generation ID card of domestic airline passengers (excluding Spring Airlines), does not support the international ticket, tickets for children, infant tickets, tickets, domestic first-class cabin in the disabled and other special guests and passports, Hong Kong and Macao passport and other documents for passengers. In addition, a clearance certificate service does not support passenger baggage handling for passenger baggage, need to check baggage check-in counter after artificial to the security channel, customs clearance. One card clearance time for 3 hours before the flight took off.相关的主题文章: