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Cervical pain relief! Come and have a look, you don’t know? Sohu is the descendants of health in the past, cervical vertebra disease at the age of 40 patents, but now 20 to 30 year old patients with cervical spondylosis are everywhere, and even have cervical spondylosis pupils! The reason is simple: the desk for a long time, the pressure, and you don’t know how to adjust, so the presence of cervical spondylosis. Yang deficiency, people will prematurely senile, this is a particularly serious problem facing most people in life today. When keeping the same posture when working or studying the long upper body leaning forward, cervical strain, first depressed Du, Du governor a Yang, depressed Du is also suppressed the body’s Yang, so, in the course of time, the spine is easy to bend, the human spirit is bad. The spirit of man is not consumed by mental work, but by the wrong posture. How can we know whether their cervical spine is healthy in the daily life of the small signal issued by the body will prompt different types of cervical problems. A signal: bow desk work long, feel dizzy and uncomfortable, for vertebral artery type of cervical spondylosis; signal two: neck and shoulder pain, unexplained arm numbness for nerve root type cervical spondylosis; signal three: normal straight walk but often appear "Deviation" problem, consider for cervical spondylotic myelopathy signal; four: often have unexplained dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, numbness, tachycardia, precordial pain and other symptoms, considered sympathetic type of cervical spondylosis. If at the same time the above symptoms, consider mixed cervical spondylosis. This series of problems, for the same reason. Now, through a hole, it can be all resolved, this hole is the back of the hole. After the river is the small intestine on one point, the hand into a fist, metacarpophalangeal joint after the end of the transverse hole. This point is the intersection point, eight extrameridians pass to Du, purging fire, Yang, cervical vertebra, and eyes, spine. Clinically, cervical problems, the problem of the lumbar spine, eye problems, we must use this hole, the effect is very obvious. The adverse effects, it can adjust the long desk or in front of the computer work and learning to bring the body as long as we persist, 100 with braun. With this point is very simple, and easy to adhere to. We sat at the table, put the hands of the post of this place on the edge of the table, with the wrist joint to drive his hands, easy to roll back and forth, you can achieve the effect of stimulation. The following picture: when we sit beside the computer to read the file, the hand is how to put it? It must be a single hand from the mouse, the hand is still on the keyboard, to keep this position does not move, people have become stiff. At this time, may wish to be flexible, the release of the hands, so that the hands of the back of the hole in the table or on the keyboard. Rolling back and forth, kneading, each time to stimulate 3 ~ 5 minutes, each hour to stimulate a sufficient. This is not without delay, because at this time, the eyes to see what can be seen. You can try, adhere to the day to do so, certainly to work when the waist will not sour, neck will not be tired!相关的主题文章: