CengCheng injury affected the critical period of Hengda Liu Temple or title to carry the flag (video-kaya scodelario

CengCheng injury affected the critical period of Hengda Liu Temple to carry the flag or title block [information] CengCheng injury was benched Zhang Yuning long-range threat Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Bin) after nearly 20 days of international match day period after the Super League once again returned to normal rhythm, Guangzhou Hengda this Saturday will be on the road against Hebei Huaxia happiness however, Scolari’s team will face the problem of goalkeeper for the season. Chinese team in the first two rounds of the top 1 teams against the strongest teams in South Korea, Iran, made a record of 1 flat and negative, but also paid a heavy price for the record, the first time in the top 12 games. In Tuesday’s game to leave the injured goalkeeper Zeng Cheng was diagnosed with cruciate ligament knee after the national team gives medical advice is ligament reconstruction surgery, which means that the CengCheng injury will be 6~8 months, has an early goodbye to this season’s Super League and the national tournament this year. The state and Guangzhou have suffered losses. In the game with Iran CengCheng injury in Guangzhou Hengda array, the number one goalkeeper Liu Dian is a seat at the beginning of the season from Guangzhou bodied to the other players and the goalkeeper side mirror Ki and Liu Shibo. Taking into account the relationship between the League experience and age, Liu Dian seat should be replaced by the first person who was sincere, he had previously worked in Shanghai Shen Xin and Guangzhou R & F. This Saturday, Guangzhou Hengda away against Hebei Huaxia happiness, in the Super League this season round There is not much left. situation, Hengda every game is the key and title. Hengda currently has 6 points in the league’s top lead, but this is not insurance. Zeng Cheng’s injury to Hengda brought about by the impact is not small, Scolari need to be careful to deal with. In addition, Guangzhou Hengda club Taobao yesterday officially released "on the international CengCheng awards" the decision of the club, in this announcement said: in September 6th the world cup 12 strong Asian Games, Zeng Cheng in the game and regardless of personal danger to defuse the situation seriously wounded, reward "Hengda international national team struggle Award medal a 1 million yuan and at the same time, the club will be the first time to arrange CengCheng surgery.相关的主题文章: