CCTV Sri Lanka to find a short board Suning Teixeira savior to retain hope (video)-ekdv-273

CCTV: he found Suning short board retain hope [collection] Teixeira savior Hengda 1-1 Suning GalAT broke Teixeira Tencent in November 20th 2016 sports season savior FA Cup final first round contest, Guangzhou Hengda home court 1-1 draw with Jiangsu Suning, CCTV was broadcast live on the game, the famous commentator Shao Shengyi and Gong Lei brought wonderful interpretation for the fans, Scolari found that the CCTV short board Suning third health system, and Teixeira scored in the second half, then let Jiangsu Suning retain hope. Hengda home 1-1 Su Ning game after the start, the two sides each have several good opportunities, Gong Lei said: this time, the two sides play very open." At the same time, Gong Lei points out the Su Ning threat: "Teixeira is inscribed hit the door, believe that Scolari must have special arrangements for Mei fang, tell him how to defend Teixeira." Ninth minutes to complete the GalAT break, Shao Shengyi and Gong Lei say it is today Guangzhou Hengda tactics: "grab start." Gong Lei said: "this is the main Suning right, Ji Xiang did not catch up with, Alan fake to fool the defensive player, allowing the GalAT to seize the opportunity." And Shao Shengyi said: This is the problem of the three Wei Wei system." With the game, Guangzhou Hengda gradually took control of the initiative, Shao Shengyi said: "see, Scolari has to Su Ning’s third health system has special research, as long as Zhou Yun came out, would be suppressed." Gong Lei said: "this time, Suning needs to be changed, otherwise it will be." Thirty-fourth minutes, Gao Lin inside the area by Bree Sainz down, the referee said no, seen replays, Gong Lei said: "this is a penalty!" And Shao Shengyi said: escaped a penalty, if the outcome of the 0-2, then Jiangsu Suning is not playing." And Gong Lei added: "this chaotic situation, if not resolved, then there will be the possibility of losing the ball." The second half, Hengda continues to attack the opponent, the two sides scraping up more gradually, now the two sides fighting began, the need to have some action." Shao Shengyi said. Then Mei side in a confrontation with Ramirez, the latter fell to the ground and covered his neck, very painful, "slow lens show Mei fang did not encounter ah?!" Shao Shengyi expressed doubts. The game lasted nearly 60 minutes, Gong Lei and Shao Shengyi said: Guangzhou Hengda very relaxed, the game to this time, if you can seize the opportunity to expand the score better, can not be accepted." Then Teixeira had a shot shot near the penalty area, Gong Lei said: Guangzhou Hengda still need to be vigilant." Gong Lei said: "this year, Guangzhou Hengda in AFC Champions League without success, so they also want to use a double crown domestically to the end of this year’s competition. Jiangsu Suning is more hope to defend it, their identity is defending champion." And Shao Shengyi said: this year’s FA Cup is also very special, just the 60 anniversary of the FA Cup, very meaningful." Sixty-fourth minutes, Teixeira to Jiangsu Suning to tie the score, Shao Shengyi said: "this is a particularly valuable goal for Suning, the Guangzhou Hengda defender)相关的主题文章: