CCTV Micro sellers sellers two-dimensional code receivables change payment was pit nearly thousand d-xhero

CCTV: Sellers derivative variable payment by collection of two-dimensional code "the pit" nearly 1000 yuan news: two-dimensional code payment cheated, caught just consumers, even sell businesses in a trap. Just a few days ago, Wang, who lives in Jiangsu, Wang, so the loss of nearly a thousand dollars. Wang told reporters that he is a micro business, usually sell some pet dog on WeChat. In the morning, a WeChat called "Britney Spears" stranger asked to add it as a friend, and claimed to want to buy a pet dog. After adding a friend, the other agreed to 1500 yuan price to buy a pet dog, but she proposed the payment method is not the same as others. In the other side of the guidelines, Wang will soon own WeChat wallet payment two-dimensional code screenshot sent to the name Britney Spears customers". Not long after, the "customer" and "network timeout has not received the picture" on the grounds, let Wang Zai Congxin sent once, so Wang hurriedly sent once, but then, Wang suddenly received a bank sent consumer alert. Obviously collection, how now has become a payment? Confused Wang hurriedly to the "Britney Spears" confirmation, can be said that the other is "innocent", she also did not know, and promised, if she really received the money, so she would like to return to wang. See Wang began to suspect that the name Britney Spears hurriedly said that if Wang felt WeChat has a risk, then, she is willing to transfer the money through the bank transfer to wang. At this time, Wang has been aware of his is cheated, as expected, see each other no longer beat, under the name "Britney Spears" will be deleted immediately Wang friends, helpless, Wang had to choose the police for help.相关的主题文章: