但我国CPI仍然没有结束上升的动力 石灰吟的意思

Zhao Xijun: the rise of CPI is still the driving force of future market self-regulation mechanism or as the main theme – Sohu Finance     2 18, Beijing (reporter Ye Suxun) National Bureau of statistics data released today show that by "Spring Festival effect" push up, 2016 years 1 months the total level of the whole country consumer price index rose 1.8%, rose 0.5%. Renmin University of China School of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun in an interview with reporters, said, CPI is still in the controllable range, overall steady for the better, rising power. Zhao Xijun said that in January CPI rose expanded 0.2 percentage points higher than last year in December, the main reason lies in the "Spring Festival" effect of the drive and cold weather so that higher food prices temporarily. By the end of business promotion, active consumers and increase the commercial bank credit has a positive effect on the consumer market. "Unlike in previous years, the January CPI is in RMB devaluation, rising import prices, the global economic recession and other new factors under the. In spite of these factors, but China’s CPI is still not the end of the rising power, this is an encouraging result." In addition, when it comes to the future of the economy China rising space problem, Zhao Xijun said, the future market mechanism can play its role more autonomy is the key to China economic rise space. "China economic work current thinking is changing, past government is deeply involved in the micro economy, such as the introduction of a large number of foreign direct investment, etc., although this phenomenon also exists, but development of the concept of change, the government proposes a new evaluation mechanism and local debt increase and other factors, let the market mechanism of self regulating ability more and more strong." Zhao Xijun said. Zhao Xijun said that the government is gradually stripped of intervention on the industry, the domestic demand is to follow the market development policy to follow the direction of self adjustment. Finally, Zhao Xijun also stressed that this process will not be completed in a short period of time, still need to change the time, the reform will not happen overnight. 赵锡军:CPI上升仍有动力 未来市场机制自我调节或成主旋律-搜狐财经     新华网北京2月18日电(记者 叶苏浔)国家统计局今日发布的数据显示,受到“春节效应”的推升,2016年1月份全国居民消费价格总水平同比上涨1.8%,环比上涨0.5%。中国人民大学财政金融学院副院长赵锡军在接受新华网记者采访时表示,CPI仍处在可控范围内,总体稳中向好,上升仍有动力。   赵锡军表示,1月份CPI环比涨幅比去年12月份扩大了0.2个百分点,主要原因在“春节效应”的带动和寒冷天气令食品价格暂时的走高。年尾商家的促销,消费者的活跃以及商业银行信贷投放的增加都对消费市场有积极的作用。  “与往年不同的是,1月的CPI是处在人民币贬值、进口商品价格上升、全球经济衰退等新因素下的。尽管有这些因素的影响,但我国CPI仍然没有结束上升的动力,这是一个可喜的结果。”  此外,在谈到中国未来经济的上升空间问题时,赵锡军称,未来市场机制可以更自主的发挥自己的职能是中国经济上升空间的关键。  “中国经济工作的思路目前正在发生变化,以往都是政府深入介入微观经济,比如大量引进外资,指导投资等,虽然现在这个现象还存在,但是政府考核机制的变化、新的发展理念的提出以及地方债务的增加等因素,让市场机制自主调节的能力越来越强。”赵锡军说。  赵锡军表示,政府正在逐步剥离对中观产业的干预,内需正在跟随政策调控向跟随市场自我调节的方向发展。  最后,赵锡军还强调,这一过程不会在短时间内完成,转变仍需时间,改革不会一蹴而就。相关的主题文章:

sign in every day 乌苏里虎

Who is the victim of "rumor selling"? The marketing model of debit and credit has always been controversial, and has been questioned as "pyramid selling" many times". Recently, in the marketing incentive mechanism under the guidance of sales promotion in order to get the promotion, was ants by the official micro-blog denounced as "Ma Ma and Ali group," ant group "under the banner of", to promote the new business under the lending treasure platform". At the same time, the ants also said that they would report to the relevant departments. And the loan treasure in the first time issued a notice said, involving the illegal sales promotion has nothing to do with their own. However, in the face of debit treasure announcement, there are a number of industry insiders on the "China Business News" reporter said, "dealers appear illegal marketing the root cause, lies in lending treasure award oriented, is based on this is the radical promotion. It can be said that it is because of the loopholes in the promotion language and the spreading behavior of the dealer, which leads to such a situation." The insider told reporters that the ants would retain the right to appeal to the law. And the loan treasure again issued a statement in February 16, 2016, said it is dealing with "Ma and borrowing treasure cooperation" rumors, has banned a group of rumors of borrowing treasure account. In a high-profile marketing gold suit for the ant to report the incident, related to the way of promotion, WeChat, in the WeChat group from the media and other social networking tools, the approach to "sign money", claimed that lending has been with Bao Ma cooperation, every day just sign will be able to make money, even days of continuous attendance doubled, 20 days to day earn 5000 yuan. Reporters search for the event involved in the public key word "push every day", there are hundreds of related public numbers, similar to "sign in every day, earn money every day, invite friends to make money", "easy, move finger forwarding money" and other content for the introduction. Search keyword "boring micro earn", "every day sign in official micro", also appear with the above keywords related to the number of public. Public information shows that the promotion model of the loan treasure is that the loan treasure company directly recruits the promoter, promotes the business to recruit the agent, and the next level of the agent also pushes the personnel. Under the promotion of each additional customer, get 40 yuan reward, customers below the increase of two, three class customers, corresponding suppliers can get 20 yuan, 10 yuan, the lowest 5 yuan head award. In this award mode, distributors at all levels are rewarded by brushing up the number of registered users. In order to brush up the number of registered users, all levels of marketing business to do their best, from WeChat sweep code gifts to publicity to obtain high reward, in the promotion of lending treasure promotion text, "earn 16 thousand", "download that earned every day" and other slogans can be seen everywhere. The three WeChat accounts involved in this event, "push every day", "boring micro earn", "sign in every day official micro", has released promotional news in several WeChat groups, to "Ma and borrowing treasure cooperation new business" and other content to promote. According to the announcement of the ants’ clothing, many warnings have been made on these untrue contents, but the effect is very little. After the release of the public statements, the loan treasure opened immediately.

蚂蚁金服举报借贷宝 “谣言推销”谁之过?   借贷宝的营销模式一直饱受争议,多次被质疑为“传销”。近日,在其营销奖励机制引导下的推销商为了获得奖励所进行的推广,被蚂蚁金服通过官方微博斥为“打着马云及阿里集团、蚂蚁金服集团的旗号,推广借贷宝平台下的新业务”。同时,蚂蚁金服还表示将向相关部门举报。而借贷宝方面则在第一时间发公告称,涉及到的违规推销商与自己无关。   不过,面对借贷宝的公告,有多位业内人士对《中国经营报》记者表示,“经销商出现违规推销的根本原因,在于借贷宝的奖励导向,是基于此才进行的激进推广。可以说,是因为借贷宝公司对经销商的推广用语、推广行为存在管理漏洞才导致这样的情况出现。”   蚂蚁金服的内部人士对记者表示,蚂蚁金服将保留诉诸法律的权利。而借贷宝方面在2016年2月16日再次发布声明,表示正在处理“马云与借贷宝合作”的谣言,目前已经封禁了一批造谣者的借贷宝账号。   高调营销   在蚂蚁金服欲举报事件中,涉及到的推广方式为,微信自媒体号在微信群等社交工具上,以“签到赚钱”的方法,宣称借贷宝已经跟马云合作,每天只需签到就能赚钱,连续签到连日翻倍,20天就可以日赚5000元。   记者搜索此次事件中的涉事公号关键字“天天推客”,出现数百条与此相关的公号,以类似“天天签到,天天赚钱,邀请好友赚钱”“轻轻松松,动动手指转发赚钱”等内容为介绍语。搜索关键字“无聊微赚”“天天签到官微”,也分别出现与以上关键字相关的多个公号。   公开资料显示,借贷宝的推广模式为,借贷宝公司直接招募推广商,推广商再招募代理商,代理商的下一级还有地推人员。推广商旗下每增加一位客户,获得40元奖励,客户下面增加的二级、三级客户,对应供应商也可获得20元、10元,最低5元的人头奖励。   在此奖励模式下,各级分销商通过刷高注册用户数,来获得奖励。而为了刷高注册用户数,各级推销商用尽绝招,从微信扫码送礼到宣传获得高额奖励,在借贷宝推广商的宣传推广文案中,“一天赚1.6万”“下载即天天赚”等宣传语随处可见。   在此次事件中涉及到的三个微信账号,“天天推客”“无聊微赚”“天天签到官微”曾经在多个微信群里发布推广消息,都以“马云与借贷宝合作的新业务”等内容进行推广。而根据蚂蚁金服的公告,此前已经就这些不真实的推广内容多次提出警告,但效果甚微。   在蚂蚁金服发布公开声明后,借贷宝方面随即开展动作,举报谣言公号,且封禁发布谣言者的借贷宝账号,冻结账号内的邀请奖励。   借贷宝在2016年2月16日的公告中表述称,“我司高度重视,并由法务部门与相关部门联动对此类谣言进行了严厉打击。一方面,我司已向微信平台举报涉嫌谣言的公众号;另一方面,为防止广大网友上当受骗,我司通过相关谣言涉及的公众号推广借贷宝的邀请码,查到了韦某、季某等一批涉嫌发布谣言者的借贷宝账号。我司立即封禁了该等借贷宝账号,冻结账号内的邀请奖励,并将进一步收集证据,追究相关人员的法律责任,追缴其全部推广所得。”   有北京某不愿具名的律师表示,在金融产品销售中虚假宣传的情况较多,出现问题互相推诿的也较多,但是惩治条款仍不完善。北京中伦文德律师事务所高级合伙人陈云峰也表示,目前对此情况的互联网金融监管规则缺失,但是可以参考传统金融机构的第三方销售时在广告法上关于虚假宣传、广告的法律法规,但借贷宝的具体情况还有待进一步观察。   但是多位P2P业内人士认为,出现谣言推广的主要原因还是“烧钱营销”导向下,推广上不惜违规推广刷高用户数,而借贷宝对推广商的管理不完善导致出现谣言推广。   低调运营   与高调营销动作相比,借贷宝的实际业务运营异常低调。   借贷宝称目前已有一亿用户,根据公开资料显示,借贷宝推广模式下的每个用户的注册成本约50元,包括注册用户奖励20元,邀请用户奖励20元,二级邀请用户奖励10元,以此计算,用户注册奖励费用就数十亿,加上线下地面推广费用以及硬广营销费用数值更高。   借贷宝在高获客成本下新增的注册用户的实际转化率是多少并无准确数字。   2016年1月25日,借贷宝公布了一批打击羊毛党的处罚名单,“公司核查到大量供应商在推广过程中以赠送礼品的手段,收集骗取用户个人信息,并使用上述个人信息注册借贷宝并进行肖像认证,获取推广报酬,借贷宝表示对相关供应商及管理失当的供应商所属推广经理、省负责人给予处分。”   借贷宝知情人士对记者表示,“此前借贷宝一直在严查骗取奖励的推广商,查处一批封闭一批。”   此前,借贷宝副总裁翁晓奇曾公开表示,“从0到1的阶段实在太难了,整个推广时间缩得很短,因为社交产品必须保证快速上量,早期用户过于稀疏,我们唯一的指标就是把用户快速拉到一定的量,推广做得比较粗糙和仓促,但是从过去的数据来看,这个推广是值得的,我们会持续的用这种高效的方式推广下去。”   在有效转化率存疑之外,实际业务运营的数据从未公布。   借贷宝的产品是以P2P熟人借贷APP,采用借款人实名、出借人匿名的单向匿名借贷模式。   对于借贷宝的盈利点在何处,借贷宝方面并未直接回应。此前公开分析指出,社交金融平台的盈利点可以通过赚利差,公司收取一定比例的服务费或者在平台上卖金融产品盈利。知情人士表示,在借贷宝目前的规则下,借款人的利息由借款人自行决定,最高不超过24%,而目前借贷宝在其中既不赚取服务费,也不赚取利息差。   借贷宝在刚刚问世时就以20亿元天价营销费用赚足眼球,持续进行线上推广,受到“羊毛党”欢迎,因为高调营销导致的各种风波不断,虽然在新事物产生后,有一定试错空间,但仍需关注平台自身的运营状况。相关的主题文章:

the mainland department store closed frequent outlets is smooth sailing – Sohu financial 大同大学教务处

Hong Kong media: the mainland department store closed frequent outlets is smooth sailing – Sohu financial   Hong Kong media said Oteri J quickly emerged in the mainland department store in the retail downturn in the struggle. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on August 24th, the industry reported that in the second half of 2016, the mainland will open at least 17 Oteri J. American Teachers Retirement Fund – Henderson Real Estate Company (TH estate) management in Asia, Europe and the United States nearly $100 billion in real estate, the Asia Pacific General Manager Chris? Riley said: "we believe that the effect of outlets than commercial street retail affected by changes in the market to be small. As far as supply and demand are concerned, they have a stronger foundation." Reported that the department stores in the mainland in recent years due to weak sales growth and profits fell hit, shopping malls since the collapse of the phenomenon has increased since 2015. However, the conditions for the strong growth of the discount mall industry seem to have matured. The first big developers outlets Co. Ltd. president Zhong Beichen said to the mainland population and spending power, factory outlet is relatively small, at present only 40, but the United States has 300. Zhong Beichen told the South China Morning Post reporter that the company aims to open Oteri J in more than 20 cities by 2020, and become the largest operator of outlets in the mainland. Discount stores, he says, are not affected by economic ups and downs, because they offer lower prices to customers. When the economy grows, people shop for good clothes; when the economy slows down, if people want to buy affordable luxury goods, discount stores will still be the first choice. The boom has attracted developers and investors. TH real estate set up a $850 million fund in the mainland, in Tianjin, Wuqing and Shanghai city opened two small towns Italy theme Oteri J. Riley said: "our target customers are families with annual income of more than 20 thousand dollars of Chinese people, this population is already the largest in the world.". With the rise of the middle class in China, we expect to double the number in the next 10 years." 港媒:内地百货商场频现倒闭 奥特莱斯却顺风顺水-搜狐财经       港媒称,奥特莱斯在内地迅速涌现,百货商场则在零售低迷局面中苦苦挣扎。   据香港《南华早报》网站8月24日报道,有业内报告称,2016年下半年内地将新开至少17家奥特莱斯。   美国教师退休基金会-亨德森房地产公司(TH地产)管理着亚洲、欧洲和美国的近1000亿美元地产,其亚太区总经理克里斯?赖利表示:“我们认为名品折扣店比商业街零售受市场变化的影响要小。就供需而言,它们的基础更牢固。”   报道称,内地的百货行业近年来因销售额增长乏力和利润下滑而饱受打击,商场倒闭现象自2015年以来日益加剧。   不过,折扣商城行业强劲增长的条件似乎已经成熟。奥特莱斯开发商首创钜大有限公司的总裁钟北辰说,以内地的人口数量和支出能力,工厂直销店还相对较少,目前仅40家,而美国有300家。   钟北辰告诉《南华早报》记者,该公司的目标是到2020年在20多个城市开办奥特莱斯,并成为内地最大的奥特莱斯运营商。他说,折扣商场可以不受经济盛衰的影响,因为它们向顾客提供的价位较低。当经济增长时,人们为了衣着光鲜而购物;在经济增长减速时,如果人们想买价格实惠的奢侈品,折扣店仍然会是首选。   这股热潮吸引了开发商和投资者纷至沓来。TH地产在内地设立了一个8.5亿美元的基金,在天津市武清区和上海市开办了两个意大利小镇主题奥特莱斯。   赖利表示:“我们的目标顾客是家庭年收入在2万美元以上的中国人,这个人群已经是世界上最大的。我们预计,随着中国中产阶层的崛起,其数量将在10年内再增加一倍。”相关的主题文章: