Carry China kanghan banner Luneng to stand up to learn 0-3’s foot-yuanmu

Carry China kanghan banner Luneng to stand up to learn 0-3 when the Orangemen will stave off all Luneng sina sports after a lapse of a full year, Luneng Taishan team finally have a chance in the home court battles FC Seoul. In the first half of March 16th, Luneng against FC Seoul in the group phase in AFC Champions League. A 1:4 defeat after the beginning of the season, Luneng road stride forward singing militant songs began to decline, although the AFC Champions League group and in the playoffs against Sydney Luneng FC, or from the defeat to go from bad luck. Finally, when the coach mano also left the team, had to return to Brazil. For Luneng concerned, this is a significance not only lies in whether can in the AFC Champions League arena to go further, but it is a name the war. Realistically speaking, Luneng in the 2016 season so far has not been able to play a few games to be satisfied. A few fans seem to think to mention gas field game, almost always occurs in AFC Champions League arena. There is a FC draw away match in Seoul. In that game, Luneng is completely at a disadvantage in the case of the personnel allocation, with indomitable fighting draw with rivals, but also laid the foundation of his team to qualify. Compared to the lineup configuration at the time, FC Seoul foreign aid has not changed, but added a Guo Taihui. During the South Korea International League in Asia, has been the object Luneng chase. At that time, the introduction of the people outside the selection of Luneng, there have been him and now in Jiangsu Su Ning hung is good. Luneng and is in the two transfer period of replacement of foreign aid, the Brazil international in Italy state Pelle tardelli. Although in the playoffs in the first round of the contest, Paley can not have the color of the performance, but returned to the home court, the physical condition than excellent Paley will Tardelli, become one of the most powerful point Luneng’s attack line. In addition to personnel changes, in tomorrow’s game, Luneng most need to show yourself or desire. All the fans and the Chinese Luneng fans hope, in the national team and league double all the South Korean team lost (12 match China 2:3 team in South Korea, the Hong Kong Shanghai 0:5 AFC Champions League Jeonbuk Hyundai) situation, Luneng can raised a "kanghan banner. Luneng need to learn, is the Shanghai port on the road away to the north of the great lesson. In fact, the Hong Kong in the game’s mistakes, Luneng is the empathy. To lose in the crash away, but lost people lost the game, in the course of AFC Champions League Luneng, had occurred more than once. Can not avoid history, but can not dare to face reality. The first round of the knockout round has proved that, despite the fact that foreign aid is far inferior to Luneng, but the overall strength of the overall FC Seoul luneng. Faced with the AFC Champions League champion FC Seoul Luneng, need to come up, you only need is the courage to dare to fight to win or die. This kind of courage, in the foot of the game has appeared. A super team in three goals down will have a majority of the players in the European leagues the team played with. This is Luneng相关的主题文章: