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Cards poor households with the project can apply for 50 thousand yuan loans — helping Chongqing window, October autumn, the harvest season. During the National Day this year, the reporter came to the Fengdu County town of Gao Fang Dou village, the villagers Zhang Ting Pingzheng busy baked tobacco packaged for sale. His family’s more than and 20 acres of flue-cured tobacco, gross income is expected to reach about $100 thousand this year. As the cards poor households, such income is Zhang Tingping didn’t dare think. The Zhang Tingping family has two kinds of labor, supposedly busy over 20 acres of flue-cured tobacco, but previously because no funds, one year only a few acres of flue-cured tobacco, good harvest on one or two acres of land, the bad harvest minus one or two acres, plus a Ting Ping mother is ill in bed, family life is very difficult. Last year, Zhang Tingping will be 10 acres of flue-cured tobacco planting, planting scale reached more than and 20 acres. This is mainly because the county agricultural firms to provide 50 thousand yuan loans." Zhang Tingping said. It is understood that since last year, the introduction of the new policy in Fengdu County, as long as the cards poor households, with poverty alleviation projects, need not mortgage, guarantee, you can get a $50 thousand loan from helping agricultural firms and other financial institutions, to expand production. Poverty alleviation, funding is the key. We have been exploring how to make the limited funds to play a greater role." Fengdu county poverty alleviation office responsible person, in the county of poverty alleviation work, through the establishment of financial poverty alleviation fund, shortage of funds to break the "bottleneck", to achieve precise helping poor households on the cards. The specific practice in Fengdu County, County Office of poverty alleviation led the county within a year all the poverty alleviation projects a total of 75 million yuan of funds for bundling comprehensive use, set up special fund for financial poverty alleviation, of which 30 million yuan as compensation for risk reserve, obtain commercial bank branch in Fengdu County, and other financial institutions to loan 300 million yuan, 6000 poor households paid 50 thousand yuan household loans; of which 30 million yuan and poor households as loan interest subsidies; the remaining 15 million yuan loans for the poor households to purchase personal property insurance, health, etc.. Fengdu county poverty alleviation office responsible person said, if there is no compensation for risk reserve, disposal of bad debts, banks will not participate in; no discount, poor households have no insurance, can not reduce the menace from the rear; loan risk. It is this three pronged approach, to solve the various problems. Reporters in Fengdu County branch of agricultural firms learned that, at present, the township of Fengdu county had poor households actively apply for loans, hundreds of poor households have been in the policy benefit. Not only that, in order to expand the influence of this policy, Fengdu county will also offer expanded to the enterprise organization, the rural cooperatives and other new business entities, led to the poverty of rich households, according to 50 thousand yuan family credit, by new business entities to the banks for 1 million yuan, within 3 years of the loan. Fengdu County approach to help the role of poverty alleviation funds to enlarge, but also enhance the accuracy of poverty alleviation." Municipal People’s Congress Office of poverty alleviation group, the relevant person in charge said. (reporter Yang Bing) (commissioning editor: Qin Jie, Zhang?)相关的主题文章: