Cao Yunjin broke up with the woman who will continue to work hard – Sohu

Cao Yunjin Elanne Kwong to break the woman: a person will continue to work hard – Sohu entertainment Cao Yunjin Elanne Kwong broke Sohu entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, today entered the 29 birthday of Elanne Kwong (Elanne) on micro-blog message: "the next day, I can be a person or a few without heart and lung with a smile. Happy birthday, I said to myself." She told the news attracted the Reds Cao Yunjin break up mainland crosstalk, a reporter on this call Elanne Kwong, she has always been frank, generous recognition of Cao Yunjin has parted! With good work to repay everyone only a few months of the affair ended, Elanne asked the reasons for breaking up, she does not want to say, only responded: "between two people really don’t want to disturb you, I hope you will not too much speculation, after a person I will continue to work hard, good work we hope to repay thank you to my care!" In May this year, Elanne Kwong was taken to Cao Yunjin and the mainland comic reds, kissing in public and exposed the affair, although Cao Yunjin’s high popularity, but the negative reports also very much, and has always been a pure image of Elanne Kwong, the character is different, has been on the Internet users are not very optimistic about their romance.   相关的主题文章: